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Monday, December 31, 2012

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Animal Classifications

Friday, December 7, 2012

Last week Mavi learned about animal classes.  He’s been playing with his animal figures for weeks and I thought that maybe I could have a little activity that would make use of these animals and learn at the same time.   And it hit me that we haven’t talked about animal classes yet.  All we ever do is sort animals whether they live on land or water, or whether they’re farm or zoo animals. So the thought of having a new activity got me really excited.DSC_1288

So per usual, I went to the library to get some books relating to animal classifications.


I started telling a story about the animal world wherein they are grouped according to their characteristics.  I used the images here to describe each of the class and then we sorted each of the figures whether they are mammals, reptiles, fish, birds or amphibians.

MAMMALS.  (Fur, mommies nurse their young with their milk, four legged and warm blooded)


REPTILES. (Scaly and dry skin, 4 legs or no legs at all, usually lay eggs, cold-blooded)


BIRDS. (Feather, 2 legs, lays eggs, warm-blooded)


FISH. (Scales and fins, lay many eggs, live in the water, cold-blooded)


AMPHIBIANS. (Moist smooth skin, live in land and water, lay eggs,webbed feet)


My son had a wonderful time with this activity.  For two days, this is just what we did, he loves sorting his animals.  Then one day, while he was doing free play in his room, I peeked and saw him sorting his animals all by himself :)



It felt good to see your son loving the things that you teach him.  So note to self, that the next time we’ll visit the zoo, we’ll play a game of telling what the animal class a certain animal belongs :)

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