Consonant Blends Activity Sheets

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I can't believe that it's August already and school will be starting in a month!  I hope everyone is enjoying the last few weeks of their summer.  Weather here is back to normal, cold and rainy.  But I've been on bed rest for a while, reason why I was visible in the blogging world for days.  While on bed rest, I kept my son busy by working on these activity sheets I prepared for him a few weeks ago.

I have a CVC version of this and this is a follow-up on our language lessons and spelling as well.  You can read about them here: Beginning, Vowel and Ending Sound Worksheets, Working on Spelling, and CVC Word Trace and Spell Worksheets.  But this one is aimed for kids learning two letter or three letter consonant blends.


I previously posted a FREE version (Beginning and Ending Sounds) of these exercises.  You can read about it here.  He has no difficulty in identifying the beginning consonant blends.


But he struggled a little bit with the "fill up the missing blends".


Now the file consist of beginning, ending and mix blends... so there's a lot of practices here that you can do with your little ones.  We still have to work on the ending and mix blends and I'll give you an update how he works on it.  You can get this activity sheet here or by clicking the photo below.

Consonant Blends Activity Sheets

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  1. Thank you! Perfect timing! Can't wait to use these! You're the best!

  2. This is awesome. Thank you for posting about these! We'll be starting this reading series this year so I'm happy to see you've done some of the work for me! :) You're a lifesaver! :)

  3. Thank you dear readers :) Hoping to see it in your blog soon!