Chinese New Year Unit (with FREE Printables)

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Hello!  Chinese New Year is just around the corner! And for someone who celebrates Chinese New Year (most Asians) and observes some Chinese traditions and practices,  I prepared these materials to go along with the upcoming celebration.

What's included in the file?

Well first, there's the 12 animals of Chinese Horoscope and Zodiac.  Printables included are:

  • Silhouette matching
  • Reading and spelling cards
  • Control, picture and label cards,
  • Information Cards
  • Memory Game
  • Patterning

Horscope Preview

Zodiac Preview

And.. of course, there's the Chinese themed cards like:

  • Uppercase and lowercase letter matching
  • Number cards when using counters
  • And counting cards where you can use pegs, clips or counters to mark the objects


And you can get all of these for just about 2.50USD all 60 pages of activities! How cool is that?! For the link just click any of the pictures above.

Now for the FREEbie.... you can download these printables for the Horoscope theme for your personal use.  If you wish to share it with anyone, please link it up to my website, to my blog or on this post.

  • Reading and spelling cards
  • Control, picture and label cards
  • Patterning template and picture chips

Download the FREEbie HERE.

For more FREEbies and learning aids, please check The Pinay Homeschooler Shop and Downloads.

Thank you!!