Fruits and Vegetables Unit Pack (FREE Addition and Subtraction Cards)

Friday, March 28, 2014

I am happy to share with you our newest Unit Pack!  This printable is perfect for fruits and vegetables theme :) The file contains lots of activities and I am sharing a portion of it here.

This is the addition and subtraction cards my son love to use.  He enjoys counting the fruits in the cards together with our fruit counters (from Amazon).  I am giving this for free together with:DSC_0148

  • Beginning sound word cards
  • Reading and spelling (or practice writing) cards

          pic1 pic2

Just click any of the images to download the free file.

The fruit counters are the cutest!  I got them from Learning Resources via Amazon. 

          DSC_0156 DSC_0159


For the complete unit pack, here are the printable materials that you can avail:

  • Beginning sound word cards
  • Matching activity that consist of control cards, picture cards and labels
  • Word cards for reading and spelling (or practice writing)
  • 1– 10 Counting Cards
  • Number Cards
  • Patterning activities
  • Sizing/Sorting Size/Ordering
  • Sorting middle letter sound
  • A to Z Fruits and Vegetable Cards
  • Addition and Subtraction Cards
  • Fruit halves matching
  • Singular and Plural Cards Matching


(Click on the image for the download link)


I am sure that your kids will love the activities as much as my son is loving it!  We'll be doing a whole lot more with this theme for the month of April and I am so excited!

Thank you!

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  1. Hello, I just purchased this set and noticed that on page 9 of the file, the word for "pear" is "leprechaun." Is there any way you can fix this so I can re-download? Thanks! =)

    1. Hello. My apologies for that. I have corrected it right away and updated the file. Kindly check your email for the link and you can re-download it again. Thank you so much and again, my apologies.

  2. Thank you for your prompt response!! God bless you!