Reading and Writing Numbers

Monday, May 26, 2014

I make it a point to make our Math a little bit interesting for Mavi. Yes, like some kids, he doesn't like Math (yet). So whenever we do Math activities, I try my best to put some twist into it to make it more interesting for him.

For example, this case he's learning how to write and read 3 digit numbers (hundreds). As I mentioned before he has no problem with reading, but writing hundreds and thousands seems off for him.  Like, he writes 324 as 300 24.   So this activity aims to help him practice how to write the numbers properly.

I setup six container box and filled it with the number tiles from our Stamp Game.  I also added a paper strip into it with color coded lines to guide him where to write the hundreds, tens and ones digit (same color with the tiles).


He's ecstatic to open each box and uncover the total number. 

              DSC_0089 DSC_0093

Arranging the tiles per column, he counts the hundreds (red), tens (blue) and ones(green) then write those numbers in the paper strip.  Then we practice reading the number, pointing that the zeroes are left behind.


Surprisingly, after finishing the 6th box, he asked if could do more Math.  So I took out our worksheet and work on some addition problems and I made him use our cube links.


He has an audience you see.


I observed that he only used the links when dealing with big numbers (tens) but otherwise, he uses his hands :)  DSC_0132

And there goes our brief update for our Math activities. I am still planning what to do this June and I promise to share my plans once I'm done.

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    1. Hi Cynthia. The number tiles are from the Stamp Game, a Math Montessori materials. You can get it at any Montessori shop.