Montessori Inspired Insects Activity

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

I am reintroducing some Montessori-inspired activities once again to Vito.  We’ve been doing lots of free play for the past few days that I miss giving him “prepared” activities.  As he will turn three in the next few months, I’m planning to have a more “structured” schedule and curriculum for him this school year. I’ll share that later on once I figure out how to do that. 

Anyway, so in our Insects Unit, I borrowed these cards from my friends at The Wise Owl.  They’re Philippine based online shop that provides Montessori cards and Safari Toob figures locally.  Their cards are lovely and the images are so beautiful!


We are using the Safari Toob Insects here that Vito and I identified one by one.  He can pretty name all of them except for the centipede, dragonfly and grasshopper.  These cards are actually 3 part cards but we’re only using the control and picture cards as of the moment.

So what we do here is basically learn the names of the different kinds of insects and arthropods in this Safari Toob set using the cards and the figures. FIRST, I say the name of the insects as I place the card on the rug.  Afterwhich, I asked him to match the figures in the basket to that in the cards. He does this by naming the figures then place them in the corresponding cards.DSC_2387

In between he would pause to play around with the figures, like the butterfly or the bees.  That’s fine, I allow him to do that as this pleases him.  He would later on return the figure on the card and continue working.  When Vito was a bit younger he can only work on around 4 o 6 cards, now he’s able to finish on all 12!  If your child stops in the middle and doesn’t want to continue, that’s fine.  You can try doing this activity once again.


My target for the coming days till school opens this September 2016 is for Vito to work on his Safari Toob figures and cards, plus I hope that we could start with nomenclature cards for parts of plants and animals.  But of course, it all depends on his interest and to where it will lead me.

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  1. What a fun activity, especially during the summer! My kiddo still enjoys using toobs and figurines with cards even now that he's almost 4 :)