BOOK REVIEW: Farmer Falgu Goes to the Market

Thursday, May 4, 2017

We can’t get enough of Farmer Falgu!  Here’s another book that we totally love, Famer Falgu Goes to the Market.  It’s market day and Farmer Falgu has to transport his goods to the market.  Though it seemed like an easy task, but strange things happened on his way to the market which sabotages his vegetables and eggs!


Just like the first book we read, the story is fun, exciting and easy to read!  The story is all all about Farmer Falgu setting off to the market to sell his fresh goods.  He loaded all of it to his cart, with his bullocks.  But as he started his journey, some unforeseen events are happening, damaging his cargo little by little.  It was in this exciting part that kept the kids guessing what goods are going to be damaged next.  The kids, especially the little one laughed at the pictures, trying to imitate Farmer Falgu’s reactions everytime his vegetables or eggs were ruined whenever his bullocks suddenly stops.



This is a fantastic book that will take you to the colorful and noisy world of an Indian market.    And I love the twist in the end! Moral of the story?  See the good things beyond unfortunate events!

Farmer Falgu Goes to the Market is highly recommended! 


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