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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Happy New Year everyone! I Can’t believe that we’re celebrating New Year once again.  It’s not so long ago when I was just starting to present some of our January activities, and here I am again, packing up remnants of our Christmas holiday decors and turning our sitting room into a homeschool room again.

First of all, I wanted to thank you all for reading and spending time in our blog.  Thank you all for the kind words, for leaving messages that you have been inspired and that you enjoy our activities, I truly appreciate that.  I wish for this coming year to come up with more great ideas so you and your kids can learn together, connect through fun activities and most of all help them in their learning needs.  Speaking of which, I also plan to do more of elementary posts.  I still do “afterschool” activities with Mavi about arts and crafts or extension lessons on subjects that he wanted to explore more.

Anyway, to start the year, I want to share the TOP 10 reader’s favourites of 2017 (not in order).  Enjoy!

Top 10 Posts of 2017

The Montessori PINK TOWER

Early last year, I got the Pink Tower for Vito and he immediately fell in love with it!!! For the first few months, he’s been using this on a daily basis.  I highly recommend this for families who plan to homeschool (Montessori) and this is best for a child around 2.5yrs and older.  We did a lot of extension work after Vito deciphered the ordering, you can check it on the blog post or watch the video wherein Vito was working on it blind folded.


My eldest loves dinosaurs so he recommended to give Vito dinosaur activities to keep up with his interest.  I used some old ideas from Mavi’s days, and added a few twist like weighing dinosaurs. This introduced Vito to the concept of “weight” which one is heavy and which one is lighter.  Use the links to the post to download the printables we used in the activities.  Did Vito like the unit? Most definitely!

Learning about ASIA

The moment when my youngest started asking about his grandparents and other relatives.  This was the time he became aware of far away places after his experiences of going to the Philippines and to the US.  With our homeland being in Asia, it is just right that I introduce ASIA first to Vito.  Here I used some souvenir items I collected through the years, photos of people and culture in ASIA, flags and of course animals!.

Montessori Inspired EARTH SCIENCE Activities

These activities are perfect for kids who loves to learn about our planet.  Explore the layers of the ocean, introduce land, water, and air, study the layers of the earth, landforms, animal habitats and more!


This is one of my personal favourites!  We painted a backdrop of the layers of the ocean and plotted our animal figures on it and it turned out so beautiful!  We should be making more of this!

FREE Number Cards Symbols

Download a FREE copy of our number symbol cards.  Both of my kids loved this activity!  The free math material will introduce your child to the different number symbols.  We started out learning each set, then moving on to sorting and matching the cards.  We often use the cards for Numbers and Counter activities too.

Montessori Inspired FARM Activities for Preschoolers

Oh these activities are perfect for spring! Learn about the life cycle of a chicken, how cows produce milk, where do we get our bread and more! Another farm activity that the boys enjoyed years back was making butter, you should try this too!

FOOD Preparations a 3 YEAR OLD Can Do

I seldom post practical life activities as I find it awkward taking photos of my children working.  But just to give you an idea of what 3 years old are capable of, here are some of the food preparation Vito is able to do at 3 years old. You might find this helpful!

Montessori Inspired AUTUMN Themed Activities for Preschoolers

A lovely collection of autumn activities I prepared for Vito last year.  We mostly used the ones we collected outdoors from nature, then used these to match with our cards and also used as counters.  Activities like identifying the beginning letter sound was also a big hit here!

Montessori GEOGRAPHY Folders

And finally, my Geography Folders for the boys.  These are collections of pictures from different continents which I assembled into booklets instead of placing them into a folder (more like an album).  We used these folders in our continent study, a resource for discussion, exploration and story telling.  Some of the pictures were also from our travels so the boys can easily relate.

And that’s about it. Once again, thank you for a wonderful year!  Don’t hesitate to ask questions and reach out for some tips because I’m happy to give back.  Trust me, there’s a lot of you leaving personal messages and most can attest that I do reply (there will be some delay though).  I’m no expert and just like you I’m also learning but I’m happy to lend a hand, give out some advice based on my experience.

Cheers to 2018!!!


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