Our Favourite Book Series

I think its about time that I share our favourite book series that we use at home.  Most of these books are HARD TO FIND, so if you see them in booksale, thrift shops or online, I suggest that you grab them without hesitation! These will be perfect for Christmas and birthday presents, absolutely worth-it and for keeps!


1  Read and Find Out Series

     You’ve seen these books in most of my posts. The Read and Find Out series are science books that are perfect for kids ages 5 and up.  It touches a wide range of topics from weather, to rocks, body, to plants, animals, cosmic and applied science.  The concepts can be easily understood by kids.  So if you are looking for great science books with lovely illustrations, then these books are for you!

2 The Universe Tells Our Cosmic Story

    I discovered these books via How We Montessori during the time when Mavi was asking a lot of questions about the evolution of humans.  Mavi absolutely loves them.  The books uses scientific words and concepts though, so you might as well be prepared explaining these to the kids once they ask questions.  I recommend these books for kids ages 6 and up.

3  First Discovery Book / My First Discovery Book

    We love these books so much!! These are Vito’s favourite non-fiction books as of the moment.  We read two of the books from the series everyday.  The best thing about this book is the use of acetate or transparent pages, it makes reading more interactive. Less text and explanation which makes it perfect for kids from 2 years and older.  The illustrations are so beautiful and big!  Mavi and I use this book for a question and answer activity.  The topics are similar to the Read and Find Out Series, but it also touches geography, music and artists.  Note that most of these books are HARD TO FIND already.  So you can check Ebay or secondhand shops as well.  Right now, I purchase most of the books from Book Depository (FREE WORLDWIDE DELIVERY) and Amazon UK.

4  Anholt’s Artist Books for Children

     I discovered these books from our library, they’re perfect for artist study.  The book series tells the lives of famous artists and how they’re able to come up with such beautiful paintings. Totally inspiring! 

5 James Mayhew Katie Books

     Almost the same as the Anholt’s books but it tells about museums and paintings in general.  Katie is a girl who loves to visit museum with her grandma.  What makes this one different is that the painting comes to life and Katie can magically go inside the paintings and interact with the characters/portraits.  These books are perfect for introducing famous art works and paintings to kids. 

6 Smithsonian Alphabet Books

    Lastly, I mentioned a lot of times that Mavi went into a phase of alphabet obsession. He speaks, eat and think of letters every single day.  Now when we encountered these books from the library, we almost kept it (renew multiple times) for a year.  Mavi loved the A to Z of everything! I highly recommend these books for kids from 3 years and up.


Now where to get the books?

For online, I suggest that you check BOOK DEPOSITORY  first because they have a whole lot of books in there and that they deliver FREE WORLDWIDE.  Second, check Amazon (US or UK).  Hard to find books are in the “used” category.  Lastly,  check Ebay.  I’ve seen these on ebay but have no experience buying books there.


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