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Letter N: Going Nuts!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

I love nuts! We’ve got plenty around the house, thus I decided to come up with activities for Vito since he’s been seeing them around the house and loves to play with my walnuts.

Letter N Object Basket.  Reinforce literacy, letter ‘n’ symbol and phonics,  vocabulary, and verbal skills.  In the basket we have: nine, upper and lowercase N/n, necktie, DIY sandpaper ‘n’, nuts.


Hammering Peanuts.  This is a practical life activity that develops hand and eye coordination, and develop those hand and arm muscles.  I first set it up in a tray, but the peanuts were slipping so I had to put cling film to hold them. Vito loves physical activities so he enjoyed this. The only drawback is that the hammer that we used were so tiny Open-mouthed smile 


Letter N Craft.  I always make sure to include crafts in our weekly activities.  My main goal here is for Vito to practice his manual dexterity like squeezing the glue, picking up small objects or pencils.  Now that he’s familiar with glue, I gave him a glue with small opening for him to squeeze it. 


Here he is applying peanut shells on the letter N. Improves pincer grasp through picking up small objects.  Note to parents: always supervise your children when dealing with small objects. 


Color Green. I’m introducing letter green this week.  I gathered a few objects from his toys and place them all in a basket. 


And we painted green in an A3 paper.  Working with one color a week works for him.



When they dried up, we place them on the wall for everyday viewing.


Nut Matching. For visual discrimination (difference in objects), widen vocabulary and concentration.


Counting Walnuts.  Builds early number and counting skills.


Forming Shapes using Nuts.  Teaches shapes, fine motor skills and hand/eye coordination. This is Vito’s idea!  I made a circle using the walnuts then he took the circle puzzle and place it in the middle, matching them together. Brilliant!  We practice some more by drawing shapes on a piece of paper and he would trace the line using the peanut shells to form the shape. He enjoyed it!


And that’s about it! And what I happened to the nuts? I’m still consuming them LOL. 

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Exploring Fruits for Toddlers

Monday, October 19, 2015

Vito is 23 months old. 

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After, the zoo, farm animals and parts of the body, I decided to do a fruit unit for this little boy as he loves to name fruits whenever we are in the supermarket.  I like to come up with themed activities as it helps the child to expand their knowledge of certain objects and occasions, practice communication skills and improve their vocabulary.



Beginning Sounds. We’re using Hape Lowercase Puzzle.


Apple Prints. Color recognition and sensorial activity.


Bagging Fruits. A practical life activity that develops hand/eye coordination, concentration plus helping Mommy tidy up!  We’re using Learning Resources Fruit Counters.


Matching Real Objects with Pictures. Developing early discrimination skills (difference between objects), hand/eye coordination and concentration.  I made the fruit cards and you can get a copy from here or here.


Fruit Color Sorting using a Tong. Improving fine motor skills, pincer grasp, concentration and color recognition.


I love this tong from Ikea


As of the moment, our color sorting activity involves two colors, but I introduce one (new) color at a time.DSC_0767

He’s seriously concentrating.  Goodness!


Slicing a Banana. I was with him the whole time he’s doing this, reason why I don’t have an actual photo of the activity.  Another great practical life activity to introduce to kids.  This is an introductory activity of actual “slicing”, though we’ve done a lot of this using playdough.  He still has difficulty coordinating his hands.  We’ll get there though… need to practice more Smile


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Letter L: Leaf Activities in Autumn

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

We are joining the bandwagon of autumn-themed activities and for Vito, we’re having leaf activities!

Leaf Color Matching

Got these beautiful craft leaves from a local store and used them for sorting colors.  I just dumped them in a container and would take one leaf at a time. I then mention the color and placed it to where it belongs.  Vito loves calling out their names!  I am not sure if he could recognize colors yet, it’s a hit or miss for him.  It’s a challenge to put up a color sorting activity for him so I put an extra effort on making it fun like making noises or funny sounds as I drop the leaf to the sorted group.

Letter L: Leaf Activities in Autumn

FREE Zoo Animals Matching Cards

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Vito is 22 months

Vito is in to matching these days! Whenever he sees an object that has a match on books, he would immediately get it and put it together.  We started matching activities earlier with our Farm Animal Activities, and since we moved to zoo animals, I also created a set of matching cards for our figures (all Schleich images).  So far we’re only using the tiger, jaguar, alligator, hippopotamus, elephant and lion figures.

zoo animal cards

The basket is setup in our shelf, and he loves to work on it in the morning. He would help himself by setting up the rug and work on his matching activity.

zoo animal cards

If you’d like to own a copy, click on any of the images or here. Enjoy!

Letter E: Parts of the Body Unit Activities

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Letter Sound E

Last week, I put up a body parts unit study for Vito with emphasis on the letter E.  I’d like to share some of the materials and activities I prepared for him, of which he truly enjoyed.

1.  Recognition of body parts.


Vito knows most of his body parts so I introduced our Body Parts Cards to him for abstract presentation.  The cards were used for identification, but in different ways. 

  • I would show the card and ask “what’s this?” Vito would answer and at the same time point to that part of his body.
  • I used the doll for identification (3rd person) like “where is the dolly’s hair?”
  • I could see him at times looking at the cards and imitate the picture.  So cute!

We are using my The Parts of the Body cards which you can get from here.

2.  Letter E objectsDSC_0339

I’ve got three objects for our letter e:  eye, elephant and egg.  I so love this method! To expand the child’s vocabulary, learn phonics and letters all at the same time!


Vito always goes to this tray and would give me the object and say its name.  As for letter e, I love that he can remember the sound of ‘e’ whenever he encounters this in books! How amazing!

3.  Writing using our Egg shaped crayons

We are using Crayola here.


4.  Tracing the body

DSC_0508Oh yes, this was fun! Mavi participated as well!      

                           DSC_0523  DSC_0527


5.  Letter E for egg


So he worked on peeling the eggshells…


and devoured the egg!

                       DSC_0573  DSC_0590

And we later on used the eggshell in our letter E craft.



6.  Making a faceDSC_0625

I cut out some different shapes, used a yarn for the hair and paper plate for the head and we have this cute face!  Vito was happy enough to wipe out all the glue as well.


7.  Body Parts Puzzle


Yes, if there’s one time that a little toddler can do with body parts is to start using a simple dress-up bear puzzle, with head, body and legs portion and being emphasized.  He couldn’t fit perfectly the pieces yet but he knows exactly where to  put the head, limb and legs.  We’ll do more of this!

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Zoo Animal Tracks

Saturday, September 12, 2015

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If you are looking for a simple activity that will keep your kids hooked for a longer period of time, this is one I highly recommend.  Recently I bought a few Schleich animals from a local store because it was on sale.  Since Vito looooves animals, I whipped this activity in an instance, just in time to make use of our white PlayDoh.

Materials needed:  different animal figures with detailed tracks (I highly recommend Schleich) and playdough (PlayDoh).


One by one, create tracks of your animals in the dough.  Vito was fascinated of the tracks!  He wanted to do it by himself Open-mouthed smile




Here’s a closer look of the tracks. How cool is it that they’re all so detailed! 


Can you identify which animals they belong to?


Yay! We didn’t have enough dough though.  But Vito played with this for a long time! We’ll definitely do this more often.


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