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Favourite Books about the Arctic and Antarctic Regions

Monday, January 15, 2018

I'm sharing our favourite books on winter animals, about the arctic and Antarctic regions.  Hope you find this list helpful.

Favourite Books about the Arctic and Antarctic Regions

Arctic Diorama

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Last week, the boys and I made an arctic diorama.  I asked the boys to help me assemble a small diorama that we can place on the table for exploration and subject of discussion in the course of our polar region studies.

Arctic Diorama

Polar Activities for Preschoolers

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Here are our 9 activity trays this winter season, where in some days, Vito can finish 3 activities in a day while in some, almost none.  These ideas are good for about 2-3 weeks of learning.  Vito would also work on some non-polar activities in between, mostly practising reading with pink series, playing with our Grimm’s blocks, Legos, and just about anything he wants to do.  There are also spontaneous activities that come in between, mostly a product of discussion and as book extensions.  I mostly share these in my Instagram account, but if it’s post-worthy, you’ll be able to read it in the blog as well.

Montessori Inspired Polar Activities for Preschoolers

FREE Polar Region Animals Coloring Pages

Friday, January 15, 2016

Artic Animals Coloring Pages
Mavi is into coloring these days and I would like to share the coloring pages (with trace and draw) that I made for him so you too can enjoy it!

The Polar Regions (Arctic and Antarctic Unit) for Gradeschoolers

Saturday, January 9, 2016

The Polar Regions (Arctic and Antarctic Unit) for Gradeschoolers
January is usually the best time to have winter themed activities or do either Antarctica or Arctic activities.  It is the time when kids can envision these frozen part of the planet due to the cold/extreme weather.  To start with, I've setup an invitation to play tray in our shelf and displayed books to go along with it.  These can be accessed by the boys whenever they want to and they are not age specific, big boys and little brothers can share and play with the tray!

Our Polar Expedition

Monday, January 13, 2014

For this month's themed activity, we'll be having the polar regions.  We've done a couple of these before, but my son wanted to revisit it as they are talking about penguins in school and he has been asking me about the North Pole for some time now.

For our past activities, please visit any of the links below. 

The Polar Lands

Antarctica Unit

Antarctica Unit: Math

Aside from the existing materials that we have, I added a few for this year:

Map of Antarctica and the Arctic. By showing Mavi the difference between the two he will have a better understanding of these places. At least now, he'll know where the North Pole is located (and where Santa lives!).

      DSC_2418 DSC_2478

Reindeer(Caribou) Nomenclature Card.  We worked on penguins before, so I decided to do something different this year.  You can get the nomenclature cards and booklet of the Reindeer here. The file also comes with a definition booklet.


For the miniature,we used the Caribou (Reindeer) in the Arctic Safari Toob.

        DSC_2380 DSC_2514

I love that mini figure is very detailed.  Here's Mavi identifying the tail!


Animals of the Arctic and Antarctica.  My animal collections all comes from Safari Toob(Arctic, Penguins and North America).

         DSC_2467   DSC_2469 

For Antarctica, talked about the 6 species of penguins that live there (not all species can be seen in Antarctica).  I made some cards and fact cards for each penguin.  We differentiated one from the other according to their physical appearance and sizes.


For the Arctic, we also identified the different animals that lives in that region and I made some fact cards to learn more about them. 


My Arctic and Antarctic Printable Pack also comes with fact cards for the Arctic and Antarctic animals.  To know more about please read my post about it here.


For letter sounds and spelling, we worked on these printables (all in my file).


Here, Mavi is identifying the beginning sounds of the animals using transparent counters.

           DSC_2492 DSC_2512

For the language lessons, we used these reading cards.


We used both the moveable alphabet and mini white board for spelling and writing practice.

      DSC_2452 DSC_2503




For more FREEbies and learning aids, please check The Pinay Homeschooler Shop and Downloads.

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The Arctic and Antarctic Printable Pack

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

This month, my son and I will be doing a Polar Region theme.  And because of adrenalin rush and with much inspiration, I was able to create these printable for us to use.  My son loves it and I am so happy and proud of how it turned out!  And yes, it is suited for preschoolers as well.  When I created this, I made sure that the little brother can also use this in the future :) 

So what's included in the file? 

First, there are activities and printables for the the six penguins of Antarctica.  Activities include:

  • Beginning sounds
  • Matching cards
  • Reading and Spelling cards



Second, the activities for the animals of the Arctic Region. Activities include:

  • Beginning sounds
  • Matching cards
  • Match the silhouettes
  • Reading and Spelling cards


I also pre pared Math activities to go along with the Polar Regions theme.  Expect:

  • Counting cards
  • Matching numbers with objects
  • Patterning (templates and picture chips)


And lastly, there's the fact cards that most of us parents love! 


So in case you'll be doing some Antarctica Unit for geography or doing an Arctic theme... you know where to look!  The file is 30 about 30 pages with more than 10 activities for the price of 2.50USD.  How cool is that?

Just click any of the pictures for the file's link.

Thank you!

An Arctic Theme

Sunday, July 31, 2011

A few weeks ago, I prepared an Arctic Theme for our little homeschooling.  It was a hit! My son became obsessed with polar bears and caribous for while.  And even with the books which I borrowed from our library, it took him awhile to get over them.  

Here are the activities we had based on our theme:

Matching game.  The animals were from Safari Toobs and I just made classification cards.  He enjoys matching but once he get used to it, he easily gets bored.  So what I do is to add a little excitement with the matching game.  Sometimes as we match an animal to the card, I would show him a video of that animal via our iPad (helpful because it is portable).  I would ask him for the different parts of the animals and what does it do or how does the animal behave.  It’s even more exciting if I would ask him of what sounds does that certain animal make according to the video. This activities and tactics help instill those animals in his heart and mind :)
Penguin puzzle.  I made this by myself.  Searched  a random image from google, printed it twice... with the other one as an outline.  Using the outline I use foam sheets for the puzzle and the remaining printout is for his guide. He was so excited to do this puzzle! 

His Ninong John and Tita Meyms gave him this toy camera.  He loves it to death!  Since he got his very own camera, he loves to pretend taking pictures of his accomplishments hehe.

Then for math, although this is not related to “arctic”, I just make use of our existing snowman number cards which I printed out from a website (sorry I can’t remember the link) two years ago. On the left is counting cards and the on the left is arranging size from smallest to biggest.


And that’s it for our arctic theme! I was hoping to do more activities on the “arts and crafts” side but we went on a vacation. Maybe in the future as I’m planning to revisit this theme again.