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Anatomy of a Frog 3D Model

Thursday, September 14, 2017

We love our shark anatomy model (read about it here, Montessori Inspired Shark Study for Kids) so I couldn’t resist getting the frog dissection 3D model for another exploration.  I introduced this educational material when were doing our Frog Unit a few weeks ago.  This anatomy model was intended for my oldest son, but Vito enjoyed learning about it too!

Frog Dissection Model

Learning the Life Cycle of a Frog for Kids

Saturday, August 26, 2017

We've been learning about frogs for the past weeks and finally we get to use our Life Cycle Frog layered puzzle from Beleduc.  This is such a beautiful piece of layered puzzle showing all the development stages of a frog’s life in tiers.  If you are trying to find ways of incorporating hands-on materials in teaching the life cycle of these type of animals then read on to find out more about our activity.

Learning the Life Cycle of a Frog for Kids

Montessori Inspired Frog Activity Trays for Preschoolers

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

In my Instagram, I shared that we’ve been observing frogs (tadpoles) in the park for weeks now.  This has fascinated the boys, most especially Vito.  To extend this learning experience I prepared activity trays (again, a favourite!) tailored for him so we can explore this new discovery. Montessori Inspired Frog Activity Trays for Preschoolers

Lifecycle of a Frog

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

We revisited the frogs theme before we went on a vacation because we’ve been spending too time looking at ponds and frogs around the park. 

Here, we worked on the lifecycle of frogs using some colored papers.





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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

We’re having Ponds Theme this week because we’re spending too much time at the park watching the animals at the park’s pond. 

Mavi was so thrilled to see this mini-waterfall!


Admiring the swans.



We also fed the ducks.  Ducks can walk on the ground...


and swim too!



More “Ponds” related activities coming soon :)

Frog Unit for Preschoolers

Monday, November 28, 2011

Since last week, we’ve working on our Frog theme.  This is the second time we did a frog unit study.

My aim here is for my son to learn basic information about frogs, widen his vocabulary, understand that like us, frogs undergo a circle of life, that they use their body parts to survive and play around.  But of course, aside from the serious stuff, my main purpose here is for my son to enjoy the activities I prepared for him and create wonderful memories together.


The life cycle cards were homemade and the body parts were downloaded from Montessori Print Shop for free! 

Week 312

I was so happy that my son, can pay attention to such subjects.  He was eagerly listening to me while I read the life cycle of frogs and how they survive.  He kept asking questions (which I love!) and for the most part, act out the pictures of the tadpoles or frogs from the book lol. 

When his Dad got home, he demonstrated how the frog would close their eyes to swallow... and at the same time, how they catch dragonflies.  He stuck his tongue out, lick his Dad’s jacket and told him he’s eating the Daddy dragonfly :)

Frog Math

Skip counting using my frog counter cards.  I placed the cards in a straight line, and told him that I only have numbers 2,4,6,8 and 10 and we should be able to put this on the frogs by counting 2’s.  Although he got the idea of skip counting, he’s still insisted that we just should start counting by 1 or 0 lol.


Then we arranged it so we can count them up to 20 (he was the one who requested this).


I also made this frog leaping game.  It was an on the spot preparation. I told my boy that the frog is very very hungry and he has to eat the dragonfly at the end of the lily pad.  To do this, we have to roll the dice to know how many jumps the frog has to make in order to reach the dragonfly.  To make it more challenging I added a few stops in between so the frog can either skip pads or return to the starting line again.




A friend of ours gave my son some nice coloring book and I discovered that there was a frog on it.  I made him color it using do-a-dot markers, while using his red-eye frog toy as a guide.  Then when it dried, I cut it into pieces so he can play with it like a puzzle and stick it together as a craft project.


But he requested that I should take a photo of him before he started working :)


And lastly, we worked on some matching game.  I got this from Montessori Print Shop again for free.  He is always excited whenever I tell him that we will be playing a matching game.  It is his favorite activity... so I might get all those matching games from the Print Shop if I don’t have time to make my own :)


Wonderful memories were created once again.

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Frog Unit Part 2

Monday, August 15, 2011

Here’s a continuation of our Frog Unit.  You can find the first part here.

This is a “Life Cycle” booklet which I bought at a random shop in SG.  It contains life cycles of all significant animals that we will studying for pre-school to kindergarten. Very useful and has lots of beautiful graphics.  My son loves to read this book over and over.


Using this 3-part nomenclature card, which I downloaded from somewhere (I forgot the link!) I demonstrated the lifecycle of the frog by ordering the cards.  I was saving ink so I didn’t print a second batch to be use as picture and label cards.


We ordered the cycle of the frogs according to how it is presented on the book.


I made a frog puzzle.  The pattern of the frog was from Montessori N’ Such.  I made the puzzle out of foam sheets, but I’m thinking of redoing it using felt craft sheets.DSC_0081 

We read this frog book over and over again.  This is an 8 pages book entitled “I am a Frog” and it is also very informative.  I love how the frog in this book is presented... a little bit cartoonish.  It’s an easy to read, just 2-3 sentences a page which makes it easier for little ones to follow.


Frog Unit Part 1

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Finally, we started working on our Frog themed activities.  I made sure that I have enough materials on hand to start this theme for my son usually keeps asking for “more”.


PARTS OF A FROG.  I made use of the 3-part nomenclature card which I downloaded for free from Montessori Print Shop.  The author/owner of the site gave a detailed post on how to use and create these cards.  My son loves doing this activity.  He always gets excited whenever I would take out a set of card for us to work on.  I will provide a separate post regarding 3-part cards. 


PRACTICAL LIFE.  I made these cutting strips using MSWord for Mavi to practice cutting.  The first half has a line guide while the rest doesn’t have.  I made him use the ones with the guides first so he would know what to do or how to execute the cutting exercise.  The frog image was taken from a random google search.


NUMBERS AND COUNTERS. I made frog counters for this activity out of green cardstock, covered it with contact paper and cut each frog piece.