Flowers and Math

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Wanting to try something new for our math activity, I decided to make flower counters and matching cards. 

First, I wanted to make a pattern activity.  But I was too lazy to make pattern materials so I just made these flower matching cards.  The objective here is for Mavi to match the multi-colored petal flowers from the pink cards to the white cards.  I thought that this was complicated enough for my son to get challenged, but I was wrong.  He finished the activity in a few minutes with no difficulties at all!  So the lesson here:  DO NOT UNDER ESTIMATE THE CAPACITY OF YOUR CHILD :)

My next plan to make matching games a little complicated.


Numbers and counters.  I don’t have any flower counters so I just draw them on a paper.  The number cards are DIY.


I was happy that I came up with this idea of making plants with flowers.  He got challenged here, for he cannot immediately identify the quantity of the flowers by the sight of it.  Thus in this case, he needed to count them one by one.  He had a few miss between numbers 5 and 6 but that’s okay.  Here I am showing him the many different ways we can count objects.


Remind to self:

  1. Repeat flower numbers and counters and included numbers 7 to 10.
  2. Patterning activities for flowers.
  3. Make flower matching activity more challenging :)

Till our next math activities!


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