Counting 11 to 20

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mavi is 37 months old.

My son love is into counting these days so after we had this, we did numbers 11 to 20 as well.  We used the bead bars, although I wanted to use other counters, we just don’t have enough for this activity.

I presented 11 to 15 first, by placing the number cards and bead bars as presented below.  We counted the beads together to support the number the cards.


Then I put together the number cards and the bead bars and as seen on the picture below.  While doing this, I explained that a ten and a one makes eleven.  Same goes as I do twelve to fifteen.

Then we would do the activity all over again, but this time, it’s him leading.  I made sure that he understands the ‘teen numbers before we proceeded with the 16 to 20.


When we got to this part... he wanted to do the activity all by himself.  


I just placed 2 golden bead bars to represent 20.


We still haven’t done any numbers and counters for practicing 11 to 20 but so far he’s getting the point.  Since we’re done with lower numbers I would probably explore the ‘teen section of counting, up to twenties or thirties. 


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