Learning Addition

Friday, October 14, 2011

In attempt to add a little change and spice on our Math curriculum, I decided to introduce addition to Mavi last week.  I made orange boxes (in time for Halloween!) for this activity and use our blue pompoms (in lieu of our Blueberries for Sal unit). 

First, I discussed the plus and equal signs... it’s his first time to encounter the symbols.  I don’t know if he really understands it but he kept nodding his head whenever I talk about how these symbols work.  He just kept on calling the “equal” sign as eleven though :)


So after I place one pompom on each box and say “one pompom plus one pompom equals...” then I made him combine the pompoms in the steel container and count. 


We played around the numbers 1,2,3 so that all the sums would not exceed 5.  It seems that he wasn’t too giddy and attentive when we did this activity.  Although he participated and do exactly what I tell him to do, the interest wasn’t just there (at the moment).

I intend to teach him basic addition for now, playing around with small numbers and touch large ones as we progress.  



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