Learning how to Measure

Monday, February 27, 2012

Another activity we did for our Before FIAR unit last week was measuring fruits and vegetables using a ruler and a tape measure.  I list the names of the objects that we used on a paper and added two lines for each object for the result (ruler, tape measure).



We used the ruler to measure the height and ended up measuring the circumference using the tape measure.  Anyway, using the result I discussed why the the circumference has a bigger value compared to the height of the apple.




For the carrots, it was easy to measure the length using both medium.


Then he asked what’s the number on both sides of the ruler for.  Though it’s pretty early for me to discuss centimeters and inches, I explained it a little bit to him.  I realize that he gets confused on which side to use.  Maybe I should have used a customized measuring tool wherein there’s only one unit to use :)


Our record sheet.  It was fun!  Am thinking of measuring his body parts the next time we do measuring.  For sure he would love it!DSC_0879

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  1. This is a wonderful hands on activity. He's sure learning a lot with your working with him so much.