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Monday, April 9, 2012

Before the Holy Week I pulled out a lesson about money and learning how to count/use Euro coins.

I got the coins from ELC which was on sale last Christmas and it was just this month that we get to use it because my son has been playing a lot of “going to the grocery” and pretending to buy something.

Here’s the set-up. The control cards were homemade and the Euro coins we’re using at the moment are 2EU, 1EU, 0.50EU, 0.20EU, 0.10EU, 0.05EU. Since I don’t want to overwhelm him with so much info, I skipped using the 1cents and 2cents.


First I discussed all about the money, and where we usually use it. Then I made him match the coins with the control cards. He did very well!



After which, I cut out these pictures from a magazine and we played the “grocery” game using our Euro coins.


Here he is selecting what he wanted to buy. Then I would tell him how much it cost... say 1Euro. Then he would go back to the table and pick the 1Euro from the pile shown in the picture below. I was surprise that he never missed! He always gives me the right amount!


Now, there were times that he selects more than one item... and that means I added the total amount. Say it cost 3.50Euro, so I would tell him to get a 3.50Euro... and instruct him that the amount is composed of 2Euro, 1Euro and 0.50Euro. He loves loves playing this game! And it’s also a perfect exercise for learning addition.


I am planning to do plenty of money games in the next few days wherein I will focus on learning how to add coins in order to match the total amount. As he progress, I will introduce more denominations including the bills as well.

Happy Easter everyone!

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