Introducing the Internal Organs of the Body to Kids

Friday, February 7, 2014

We're doing The Human Body this month and part of which is learning about the basic internal organs of our body.  This is a timely subject to tackle as my son has been sickly for the past few days because of the changes in the weather.

I've always wanted to purchase a human torso model to show how these organs look and how they are positioned in the body.  But the price in this side of the world is not in my budget so what I did was to buy PlayDoh that comes in different colors to create our own model using our Internal Organs Nomenclature Cards.


As you can see, we have two versions of the brain: his and hers :)

Here my son is working on the kidneys. He's using the cards to create a model.
I looove how they turned out!  These are my models....
.. and here's Mavi's models. 



We matched the models with the picture cards.


We identified each organ with the labels.  As we did this we discussed the many functions and properties of each organ.
Here are the books we used.
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