The Planets and The Solar System (Part I)

Monday, February 24, 2014

Hello everyone! I'm back! Sorry for my absence as my time was eaten by chores and errands for the past few days. 

We're been doing a lot of Space and Astronomy activities lately and I wanted to share with you some of our activities.  We started off by reviewing the planets in the Solar System. The cards seen on the picture were from Usborne and while we identify the planets Mavi tried creating models using his plasticine.

(You can check this link to view our past activities)

solar system


We also play a game "guess the planet". I adapted this game from the toy which he received last Christmas.  He loves this game! 

solar system

I also took out our nomenclature cards and he worked on it as well.  For the link of the file, please click here or the image below.

solar system

On a separate day, Mavi tried using playdough to create another set of model planets. solar system

I have to say the second batch look better :)

solar system

And just like the project that we did with the Phases of the Moon, Mavi wanted to decorate his room with planets too. And instead of simply painting them on a cardboard, we made a similar approach to this one.

I cut out circles for our planets and covered them with aluminum foil. We color the planets using Sharpies. 

solar system  

And look how they turned out! They are so colorful and looks festive!  I love how it glittered on a black background!

solar system

Next step is to plot them into the "space", but since they're still a little bit wet we'll continue the rest of the work by tomorrow.  We'll identify the inner and outer planets, add some asteroids and stars and add labels as well.

solar system           

And there you go!  Ideas for your planets and solar system.  I will share with you how this decor turned out once we're done. 

Happy Monday to all!

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