Molluscs: The Study of Snails (Part Two)

Monday, May 19, 2014



We used the same materials as mentioned in my previous post.  Plus...

Mavi's Journal.  This is a sketchpad turned into journal.  He writes and draw everything he can think of in this pad.

Playdough.  We used PlayDoh for modeling our snails.

The Snail and the Whale.  This is my son's bedside table book which he borrowed from their school library.  Lovely book to read about saving the whale, traveling around the world encountering different animals and their habitats and a great book to teach rhyming words :)
Activity 1:  Life cycle of a snail.
I printed this out randomly from the web and discussed this with my son.  We previously had Animal Life Cycles so he's very well familiar on how animals reproduce and survive till their adult life.  Seen on the picture below he volunteered to add labels on the pictures.
Activity 2:  Parts of a Snail
We used our The Snail Definition and 3-Part cards for this activity.  I am a believer of this learning tool / method.  My son has been using nomenclature cards for 3 years and it has accelerated his reading skills, enhances logical thinking (for matching) and knowledge retention.
Aside from that, I urged Mavi to record what he has learned in his journal. I want him to keep a journal and learn how to record facts and his daily activities.            
             DSC_0038 DSC_0039
Activity 3:  Modeling a snail
We love playdoh and the things that we can do with it!  Here, we try to model a snail using our knowledge of its body parts :)
Here's my work (left) and Mavi's work is on the right side.
Activity 4: How snails behave.
We watched random videos on Youtube to see how snails behave in a close-up manner.

Most of the activities here are for school-aged children but the nomenclature card is worth a try for preschoolers.  The playdoh modeling was a hit.  I can see how my son reviewed the parts of the snail and seriously applied what he had learned in his snail model.  I was hoping if we could explore more of the other types of Molluscs but I decided not to push through.  I'd like to reserve it for some other time when I have enough materials for it.  For now, snail is good enough.

And that's the conclusion of our Snail study folks! This week we'll be having a new topic for our science but I am still undecided what to tackle.  It's going to rain the whole week so we're stuck at home again and these activities make staying at home exciting LOL.

Thank you for reading!

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