A Study of Rocks

Friday, June 27, 2014

My Mavi has always been fascinated with rocks.  He's been obsessing with rocks and dinosaurs since he discovered Dinosaur Train.  Wei have piles of rocks in our backyard that he had collected for some time now and he considered it his precious collection.  We've already had our experiment on Rock Cycle and it was a hit.

Thus, I was inspired to pull out this study to feed his interest.  I purchased GeoSafari's  Igneous  and Metamorphic Rocks, collected more rocks from seaside and borrowed books from the library to completed our rock study.

Rocks copy


1. Rocks:  GeoSafari Igneous Rocks and Metamorphic Rocks (links at the bottom of the post)

Books: Rocks and Minerals and Rocks and Fossils

FREE Igneous Rocks Printable File by Pinay Homeschooler

FREE Metamorphic Rocks Printable Fileby Pinay Homeschooler


FREE Famous Rock Formations Printable File by Pinay Homeschooler


Rock Cycle image from here



Activity 1:  We looked into the different Igneous and Metamorphic Rocks.  Using a magnifying glass, we examine our specimens.  We look into their colors, shapes and hardness.



As we do, we placed the number on each rock to mark it.  The GeoSafari comes with an information each of each rock.  This was very very helpful in learning about each rock type.



Activity 2:  Match the rocks with the cards.  I made matching cards for each rock and Mavi worked on them.  He loved it!  It was quite tricky as he described it because at times, some rocks look similar. 


Here he is taking notes of the lesson. 


Part of studying the rocks, I also made these cards which shows some famous rock formations that are made of sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic.  He was so happy to see the Giant's Causeway as we've been there a few years ago.


We still have a few more things to do to complete this lesson. I will talk about these these activities in my next post.

Activity 3:  Specific Gravity Test


Activity 4:  Acid Test


My next post would be about the experiments mentioned above and we'll try to mold some rock formations we've looked into using a clay.

More activities here
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