Montessori Inspired Skip Counting

Thursday, November 13, 2014

skipcounting copyI wonder how you teach kids to skip count?  When I was younger this was one of the thing that I despise the most. Why? Because basically they just want us to memorise it.  With the available resources now, I want my boys to love skip counting…. as I always tell Mavi, you will use this technique all the time for the rest of your life :)

We had a few practice on this but I never had a the chance to come up with a serious unit or lesson for this.  Now he’s a bit older to understand and appreciate, I decided to come up with sheets to get him into the skip counting thingy.

First I created the hundred sheets, and discuss the concept about skip counting (by 2’s, 5’s and 10’s).  I cross-out the count in our sheets and made him mark it using our Do-a-Dot markers.


“Look Mom! It has a pattern!”


Now using these visuals, we put it into action using our decanomial beads and hundred board number tiles (both Montessori Math materials from Absorbent Minds UK).


Here we have the counting by 5’s. 


And I compared it to the counting by 10’s. 


And his least favourite skip counting is by 2’s (because it takes a long time to read 10, he said LOL).


Now well be practicing this for the entire week.  I’m coming up with materials so we can use the concept using non-Montessori materials.  I’ll be sharing it with you so watch out for it.


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  1. Great ideas! Love the hands on way of learning it.

  2. This is perfect! My son has been working on skip counting and I am excited to show him this new work. Thanks!

  3. I'm very visual and like the "props" you are using to help learn skip counting.

  4. I just love those counting beads. So neat! I love the way you incorporate various activities to reinforce one lesson. A great way for kids to learn.

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

  5. Thanks everyone! We love using our decanomial beads and but I wanted to use other materials as well :D