Introducing Periodic Table To Kids

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

This is Chemistry 101, and a lot of people have asked me if it is possible to teach kids all about the basics of elements to kids.  I didn’t believe that until I came across this kid-friendly Periodic Table via social media.

Introducing Periodic Table To Kids
If you look closely, this version of the Periodic Table is waaaaay different from what we used to have in school!  This is definitely eye-catching (point of view of kids) and way more fun!

I changed the description of each element to save ink, and then I glued them at the back for a handy reference and for Mavi to read.

Element Cards
As you can see, Mavi was so interested with it.  He wanted to work on them till night time!

Element Cards with Periodic Table
So here are the things we discussed during the presentation:
  1. What are elements? What are compound elements?
  2. Identify the solid, liquid and gaseous elements in the Periodic Table.
  3. Identify the metal and non-metal (or organic).
  4. Identify the elements that can be found in your home.
  5. Name your favourite element, why? Draw it in the journal (yes Mavi keeps a journal!).
So here are the things at home that contains the elements in the Periodic Table. Most of them are not “pure” or they are in compound state.

Element Cards with Household Items
Here’s a closer look on Mavi’s work.  He had sooooo much fun finding these! He tasted and smelled some of them!

And, what more is that I presented that some of these elements (and minerals) are found and needed by the body! Such as this iron supplement of Mommy :D  So now, whenever he sees vitamins in the pharmacy, he’ll check the contents and identify the elements in it :D

Such a fun way presenting this to kids, and to myself too! Enlightening!

Get your copy of the periodic table here

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  1. I came across this as well a while back and it is amazing to see it in action!! Beautiful work :) It's on our print list for sure!!

  2. These are great! Did the flash cards come with the poster? I didn't see them on the website.

  3. I love this! As an additional resource, I found this at Milwaukee's Discovery World Museum and online:

  4. Where can we get the cards? I have a set that was given at Christmas, but these are simpler.

  5. This is fabulous!!! Ive been wondering how to introduce the periodic table to my is my answer. Thank you!

  6. Replies
    1. The link is on the last few sentences in the post. Thanks!