Montessori Inspired Butterfly Coloring Matching Activity

Friday, May 26, 2017

Saw this idea from one of my favourite Instagram account Momducator.  It’s a brilliant idea of using Montessori color tablets (set 3) to match with the butterfly colors of Safari Toobs (Insects, Butterflies, Bulk Bag).  This is a great practise for visual perception, picking the right color combination to match with the butterflies.
The first one to do this was Vito (Mavi was in school).  I showed him three examples and let him work on the two easiest color combinations.  At this time he couldn’t get any of the color combinations, but he’s able to identify them like black and green, yellow and orange.  The Montessori color tablet set 3 is indeed a challenging set of color gradients, I myself finds it hard to grade at times.  But it was a perfect opportunity to explore colors.
I left the activity on the table for Mavi to work on once he arrived.  He was more than happy to try it.  He said that selecting the right colors is tricky, but it’s manageable.  It got him hooked and even asked if he could try some more animals to work on.  He later on changed his mind and worked on arranging the color tablets as seen here.
Now, I’m thinking of what Mavi suggested of doing it with the other animals we have.  I’ll try to gather some interesting animals with beautiful skin covers and we’ll see if we can look for their colors using our Montessori color tablet set 3.
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