Hands-on Learning of Equivalent Fractions

Thursday, August 3, 2017

I enjoyed presenting this activity to Mavi, and he enjoyed this work even more.  In this activity, we used our Fraction Magnetic Pies, and a DIY frame instead of the Montessori fraction insets.  The album that was used here was from The Montessori Parent.


What is Fraction Equivalence?

These are fractions that have the same overall value.  Learning how to find the equivalence of a fraction will help the child in reducing fractions since we always write fractions in the smallest number.  Like for example, for 5/10 is the same as 1/2,  and we always say 1/2 rather than 5/10.

For what Age?

Lower elementary

Materials Needed

Finding the Equivalence of a Fraction

** In this presentation, I’m showing 1/2 as an example.

Place the fractions in sequence from left to right, starting from the whole to the tenths (if available).  Using the frame, take one half fraction and place it on the right side of the frame. Ask the child to test other fraction pieces that could fit perfectly on the space on the right of the one half.


Here you can see Mavi trying out the one-fourths.  He discovered that two one-fourths could occupy the space, thus one-half has the same value as two-fourths.


Showing you the difference between the one-third and the one-fourths.


Another work showing the fifths and the sixths.


As an extension work, you could ask your child to record the equivalences, create a booklet or create a chart of fraction equivalence.



Video Demonstration

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  1. Such a timely topic for our family! Is there a reason why you went with these fraction sets rather than the traditional Montessori insets? I can think of a few good ones but curious your reasoning :)

    Always enjoy your posts Jae -- thanks!!

    1. Oh nothing against it. I would love to own one! But it's too pricey for me and we have no space for it.