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Pine Cone Painting

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My son is fond of collection pine cones.  Because I got tired of seeing them around the house, here’s what we did with them...




Now we got  lots of these colorful pine cones and I just have to look for some baskets in the thrift shop where I can pile them and display it in our kitchen window.


Homemade Moveable Alphabet

Monday, April 30, 2012

I have always wanted to own a Montessori Moveable Alphabet because my dearest little boy is so obsessed with letters.  Sadly, I haven’t seen it here and if there’s such, we might not afford it.

So I made use of our printer and a white cardstock to make my own moveable alphabet without even purchasing a pdf file online.  I printed a few copies, laminated them, cut and tada!!! We now have our very own moveable letters!

Clouds for Preschoolers (FREE nomenclature cards)

Saturday, April 28, 2012

We have a week of wonderful weather, I grabbed the opportunity to discuss about clouds since we’ve been staying mostly outdoors.

I made 3-part cards of the different type of clouds.  As you can see, I only talked about basic type like the cumulus, stratus and cirrus.  Then I added those we mostly see here like contrails, fog and lenticulars.   You can download this homemade cards from here.
My son loves to hear me talked about mother nature.  Especially those of which he can easily relate to.  So after we discuss clouds... each day he would peek into our verandah and check on what type of clouds he sees!  It’s just amazing!
I also asked him if we could make cloud samples using cotton balls.  He got very excited.  We started with cirrus clouds.  I reminded him that cirrus clouds looks like feathers... so they should be thin.
This is what he comes up with.  He finds it difficult to glue thin layers of cottons though, they tend to stick together.  But I was glad that he was patient enough to produce the best cirrus cloud he make.
Then his favorite, the cumulus clouds.  DSC_0724 
And the stratus, and he did not forget to add his name.  He admire his work and asked me if we could show it to his Dad later. 
So this is the easiest way I could introduce clouds and their different types to my son.  We’ll be taking this one at a steps.  For now we’re doing basics, I plan to add more topics like water cycle and more types as he progress and old enough to digest these concepts.
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Flowers in Spring (Part Two)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

It’s so difficult to write a post these days. (been busy with personal work).  Good thing I keep pictures so it’s for me to track back the activities we did on a specific day/week. 

Here’s the conclusion of our Flower Unit which we started a few weeks ago. 

We picked flowers and identify them.  We later on used them as paint brushes.  Read about it here.

flower1Another thing we did was make flowers out of cupcake cases.  We used do-a-dot markers to color each cases then let them dry.

DSC_0536 DSC_0537

While for our flowers to dry up, Mavi painted the egg carton so we can use them as plant box.


We use pipe cleaners as stems and inserted some beads on it to add a more decors to our flowers.


The end product.  I realize that the cases were too big for our plant box, thus... it is no longer visible LOL.  He placed this in his bedroom window and admired it for a few days.


He worked on flower nomenclature cards and puzzle as well.

DSC_0588 DSC_0592


Practical Life

Using clamp and chopstick trainer to transfer rose petals.   DSC_0644



Now this is exactly the reason why I always procrastinate to write any updates... we spend my free time outdoors!    It was just so timely that during the time we did our flower unit, we were blessed with a wonderful weather!

 P1040439 P1030810

 P1040120-2 P1040586

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Flowers in Spring (Part One)

Monday, April 16, 2012

Flowers are blooming everywhere! My loves smelling daffodils, picking up dandelions and admiring cherry blossoms.  With his current interest, I pulled out a flower theme so I can make use of these interests.

Here’s a craft which was inspired by No Time For Flashcards.  The number corresponds to the number of petals in the flower.  Then he insisted on adding stems and leaves and grasses.



Then on sunny day, we explore the estate to pick up some flowers and identify some wildflowers as well.



Once at home, we identified each flowers and matched them to the ones in the books. (Books were borrowed from our library)



We also used some of the flowers as paint brushes for his artwork.



He managed to use the leaves as well :)DSC_0532

We such had a great time working with flowers!  Reminds me of myself wayyy back a long time ago... enjoying picking up flowers during summer with my friends as well. 

Happy Monday everyone!


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Chicks Addition Game

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Last Easter my son and I had a wonderful time playing this “Where’s the Easter Card” game. Here I had 9 cards with numbers on it, I used chicks as counters and an Easter Card (not shown).


DSC_0448The mechanics of the game is similar to the ones played by Julie in the Adventures of Bear for “Where’s the Cake?” game.

Here, I hide the Easter card under a number card. Then I give him an addition problem to solve. The answer to the question is where the Easter card is hidden.


He puts the chicks on a container to count.


Here he is working on 4 and 4 is 8.


And can you see how happy he is when he guess it correctly?

DSC_0464 DSC_0477

DSC_0471 DSC_0472

We love this game and he truly enjoyed it!

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Euro Coins

Monday, April 9, 2012

Before the Holy Week I pulled out a lesson about money and learning how to count/use Euro coins.

I got the coins from ELC which was on sale last Christmas and it was just this month that we get to use it because my son has been playing a lot of “going to the grocery” and pretending to buy something.

Here’s the set-up. The control cards were homemade and the Euro coins we’re using at the moment are 2EU, 1EU, 0.50EU, 0.20EU, 0.10EU, 0.05EU. Since I don’t want to overwhelm him with so much info, I skipped using the 1cents and 2cents.


First I discussed all about the money, and where we usually use it. Then I made him match the coins with the control cards. He did very well!



After which, I cut out these pictures from a magazine and we played the “grocery” game using our Euro coins.


Here he is selecting what he wanted to buy. Then I would tell him how much it cost... say 1Euro. Then he would go back to the table and pick the 1Euro from the pile shown in the picture below. I was surprise that he never missed! He always gives me the right amount!


Now, there were times that he selects more than one item... and that means I added the total amount. Say it cost 3.50Euro, so I would tell him to get a 3.50Euro... and instruct him that the amount is composed of 2Euro, 1Euro and 0.50Euro. He loves loves playing this game! And it’s also a perfect exercise for learning addition.


I am planning to do plenty of money games in the next few days wherein I will focus on learning how to add coins in order to match the total amount. As he progress, I will introduce more denominations including the bills as well.

Happy Easter everyone!

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