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Teeny Weeny Tot School

Thursday, October 23, 2014

teeny1 copy


We’re celebrating a few milestones! 

First Vito can now sit upright in his chair. I used this opportunity to make him look at books and practice turning pages to master pincer grasp :)DSC_0654 

And we started to wean on his own! He insisted actually. I was feeding him and wanted to take spoon from me which I did. I gave him the opportunity to feed himself and he actually did! Well he didn’t get to finish his lunch but it’s so AMAZING to see him trying to scoop the food from the his bow and put it in his mouth! He was doing it OVER and OVER until he got tired until Mommy has to do it for him :)

xavi eating

Sensory and weaning at the same time using a jelly!


This soft sensory blocks is not a favourite at the moment. But I do love their colours and their different textures.  For now he just keeps on mouthing them and using them as teethers  (yes these are teethers as well). 


He loves to touch it using his pointer fingers though.


More pincer grasp practice using the chunky puzzles.


Oh and definitely loves my homemade shakers :)


I’m not into sensory bins as I don’t have the space to store them but we do have lots of boxes of animal figures (Mavi’s), and whenever I need him to get busy… I just give him these boxes to explore.  He loves to take the animal figures from the box and put them just on the side.

xavi playing

For language, we did animal farms last week. 


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Teeny Weeny Tot School

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Vito is 10 months.

I decided to start sharing what Vito has been doing.  He just can’t stop moving, the main reason why I would hesitate to take his pictures.  Major milestones as of the moment (1) he starts to walk (2) he can say “mama” and “dy” (3) and can follow certain hand gestures/signs. 

Here’s Vito practicing how to remove the disk from the pole.  He couldn’t figure it out yet so he would just turn the pole into different directions so the disk will come out. And once they’re out he would line them up on one side. 


Here, I’m showing him how to stack the disk.  All he could ever do is how to remove the disk from the stack LOL.


Open and Close.  He’s practicing how to open the container and closing it.  To encourage Vito, I place a horse figure so he can try to take it out from the container.

 DSC_0085 DSC_0101

We’ve been reading books for months, so he knows how to navigate through the pages of the books.  This is a good practice for the pincer grasp as well.

DSC_0142 DSC_0117

He talks a lot when he holds a book and loves to point at the pictures!

DSC_0106 DSC_0112

Duplo Transfer.  An unsuccessful activity LOL. He’s move interested on the bowl rather than the Duplo.  We’ll try this again though, using different materials this time.


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Non-Toxic Finger Paint for Babies

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

I got this from a friend and this mixture is very very simple!


Mixing a plain yogurt and food coloring (I used a small amount of organic food coloring) you will produce a yummy finger paint for little babies! The activity is intended for sensorial play and I was not encouraging him to taste or eat the yogurt.  But you know that at this age, babies mouth anything.


And the good thing about it is that big brother can join as well!  And they play with it for 30 minutes (I was able to wash dishes worry free)  Two kids (and a Mommy) happy with one activity. How cool is that?


Ice Sensorial Play

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Yesterday I gave Vito a few ice for a sensorial play.  I’ve always wanted to see how he would react once he touched the ice.

I placed the ice on the tray and he was a little bit hesitant at first but quite excited.  So he’s trying to use his pointer finger to test the material.


I love looking at those little hands working and trying to figure out the ice cubes.  Pardon those red cheeks. I was feeding him with bolognese at that time.


When he was sure that the ice wouldn’t hurt , he starts to pick them up.  But he failed in the beginning as the ice were very slippery.


And finally, with determination and focus, he was able to lift up a cube with both hands and mouthed it.



Oh yes, it is cold!!


Note:  Always supervise your baby when doing this activity.  Be careful as the ice are slippery and if they mouth it, there’s a tendency that they will swallow it and choke.

Toddler Toys (Vito is 8 Months)

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


XavistoysNum copy

Sharing with you toys that Vito has been using for the past months for sensorial play and fine motor skills.

[1] Classic Pop Up Toy.  Mavi enjoys this toy as much as Vito.  For now I am teaching him how to push those faces to introduce cause and effect.

[2] Manhattan Skwish.  He loves to use this as a lollipop.  But eventually discovered that he can create sounds by shaking it.  I love this toy for he’s able to practice his grasp and how he can easily transfer the object from one hand to another. 

[3]  Jumbo Puzzle from Melissa and Doug.  Vito used this occasionally. He can already lift up puzzles using his left and right hands and would shake it in the air. 

[4] Homemade shakers/rattles.  These are old plastic toobs (travel kits).  I added mung beans, beads and pasta inside.  Another version of these shakers I saw on Pinterest are the sensory bottles.  Similar to these shakers but with water or any liquid inside.  I might try that one of these days.

[5]  Sensory balls.  Oh he loves these! He loves to roll them around, mouth them, emptying the basket (he doesn’t fill them yet) and make sounds by rattling them.  I have yet to find cheaper textured balls in Amazon.  I guess that would be a lovely addition to our sensory ball family :)

[6] Mini Piano.  We have this since he was 3 months old but he only showed interest on them now.

[7] Stacking Rings.  Ok so this one, he only gets to play with the rings.  I don’t give the entire toy. 

[8] Wooden Blocks. These are Mavi’s old toys.

[9] Kitchen utensils.  Surprisingly these are his favourites! He loves the whisk and look at his face below.  It’s his first time to encounter a brush.  He was so terrified when I brushed it his hands and feet :)

  DSC_0868 DSC_0874 

Oh and another thing that he loves the most are his big brother’s toys.  I didn’t include those on the list as they are not suitable for babies but I guess can be safe to play with with adult supervision.  Take for example this plastic crane.  I considered this one as safe for it doesn’t come with small parts and doesn’t have sharp edges.


I wonder what toys does your little ones have.