Counting by Tens

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Hello readers! I mentioned earlier in my previous post that we will be doing A LOT of  math activities for this month.  With that, we started with skip counting. 

Based on my experience, this is something he is not really interested with.  So to get his attention I used his favorite toy (Lego) to demonstrate counting by tens.

First I made him stack 10 square Legos which he gladly did. I explained that 1 stack of Lego consist of 10 Lego squares. 


And I proceeded with 2 stacks of Lego.  Explained that there are 2 tens now, and 2 tens is twenty all in all.


And I made him put 3 stacks of Legos, asked him how many tens are there.  He counted the stacks and answered 3.  Then I explained that 3 tens is thirty.


We did this till we reached 80 because I ran out of Legos.  LOL.


And then we counted the numeral numbers by tens. I really don’t expect him to grasp the concept yet.  I just want him to be familiar with skip counting, that there are “shortcuts” in counting, that we don’t have to count each Lego squares one by one because it would be tiring. 

Now we’ll do counting by 2’s and 3’s next which I think he is more familiar with since I count by 2’s whenever we tidy up his animal figures.

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  1. haha, i was just saying how much we love legos too :) are u planning to use Singapore or Rightstart math? we recently covered one-ten, two-ten, three-ten, etc. in my son's RightStart lesson...but using an abacus instead of legos ;)

    1. We're currently using Singapore Math as a guide because its the only resource I have. Got the books from Singapore while we were still living there. I haven't tried Rightstart it's good as well... its hands on! As of now, I don't follow any curriculum though I based my hands-on activities on Montessori Math. With worksheets, we're doing Singapore Math.

  2. Simple but effective! Great math.

    1. Thank you Phyllis. It always works when you try to use their favorite toys :)