Botany Unit: Seed

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Because is school is finally over and we're enjoying days of cuddling and story telling, I almost forgot to post our Seed Unit.

So here are my materials: Seed Nomenclature cards and Booklet, mung seed sprouts and other sample of seeds.


First we made mung beans sprout.  This is an excellent way of showing little ones how beans turn into plants.


We "harvest" the sprout and dissected it.  The only problem with mung beans is that they're so tiny!


  The 3 part cards.  I have to say that we've been doing nomenclature cards for 3 yrs and it helped a lot in my Mavi's reading.


Matching seeds.  The containers are from a Beauty Travel Kit which I got from a Euro store.


Now how I wish they all looked different! LOL. 


Mavi was so happy when he saw the little leaf inside the bean.  A perfect way to show him the epicotyl (embryonic shoot).


Introduction to dicots and monocots.  This is an quite advance topic and I know it will be hard for him to grasp the idea as of the moment. So I just showed him that the mung beans are dicots because it has 2 cotyledons.  To demonstrate, I made him dissect the beans and he said "Oh yes, there's two of them!".

DSC_0662 DSC_0665 

Worksheets.  This is his favorite part.  He loves coloring and writing the the labels of each part.  These sheets are included in The Seed Pack.


And that's how we go about our Seed Unit :)  As of the moment, we're on a homeschool-break... you know just doing random stuff at home like painting, arts and crafts, legos and watching kid-friend movies and animation.  Next week we'll have Ocean and Marine Animals.

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  1. This is a great unit! Thanks for linking to Share It Saturday. I am featuring it tomorrow.

  2. Thanks for sharing this. I'd love to know what book your child is looking at. It looks like a nice resource.

    1. Hell Monique, the book is from Usborne entitled World of Plants

      We just borrowed it from the library.