Natural Resources and their Products

Tuesday, May 13, 2014





Activity 1:

  1. Presentation of the Natural Resources Around the World cards.  There are 5 natural resources for each continent in the file, and we talked about each one of them. We discuss how the resources are produced, harvested and processed to make consumer products.
  2. To assess his understand we played a sorting game.  I took three resource cards from each continent and have him sort the cards to which continent they belong.

Activity 2:

  1. Presentation of the Natural Resources and their Products cards.  Here I we matched the raw materials to their end product/s.
  2. I made Mavi look around the house for products similar to the cards that we have and bring them on the table.
  3. For edible products he brought coffee, sugar, rice, water, chocolate, bread and cheese. For other materials, he brought paper and his wool sweater.  I added my jewelries for the gold nugget. Aside from these he was able to identify more materials made from wood and rocks.



Activity 3:

  1. Using the worksheet, we identify what can be recycled from the pictures presented.  DSC_1017
  2. Cut the pictures that can be recycled/reused and glue them on the worksheet.


This is a new topic introduced to my son and he definitely loved it.  He was very very interested learning about the products of each continent, what they look like as raw materials and how these materials are processed so the people can use them. 

He was able to identify items that can be reused by pointing out that he sees his Daddy dropping old clothes and bottles in the recycle bin :)

Because my son had fun (especially on the taste test of the end products), I highly recommend this activity to children ages 5+ and with prior knowledge of geography.  Your kids will love these activities!

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