The Arthropods Learning Material (with FREE Files)

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Finally! They're ready!
You can now download my FREE files on Arthropods or purchase the complete The Arthropods Learning Pack from my shop.

The first one, here's the link to the free Arthropod Chart.  We are using this as a guide for our study.  Just click the image below for your free download.
The Arthropods Chart
Second, I made these cards, the Insect Cards (Nomenclature) and Fact Cards.  The way I  made it was based on the order or group of the insects. Again, click any of the images below so you can enjoy this freebie.  There are 12 insects in this file and 6 fact cards.
          Insect Nomenclature Cards Insect Learning Cards
Lastly, you can avail of the entire The Arthropods Learning Pack for purchase at a very affordable price.
The Arthropods Learning PackClick the image for the links
Included in the file:
  Master Control Chart
  Chart with pictures and no labels
  Chart with labels and no pictures
  Chart with no labels and no pictures
  Fact cards for Arthropods
  Sorting activity for Arthropods
  Picture cards to form the Arthropod Chart
  40 picture cards (Arthropods)
  40 labels
  40 control cards
  21 Fact cards for each Arthropod Subclass/Order
Thank you and I hope this learning material will help you and your students!


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