Learning the Different Types of Clouds

Sunday, May 29, 2016

I recently purchased a few science books for the boys which I bought from Book Depository.  Mavi loves science and I am so happy that the books are child-friendly and can be read independently by older kids.  I love investing in books because my boys love to read and it can be used over and over all through the years. Great heirlooms for family too!

Anyway, the first book he read was the Clouds Let's-Read-and-Find-Out Science 1 (AmazonUS) (Book Depository). This is by far the best book I’ve encountered that illustrated the different types of clouds in a simple way, and the explanations are so basic and easy to grasp for kids. So after reading the book, we sat down the next day and worked on some hands-on activities for retention.

Here’s the book’s illustration of the 10 types of clouds.

Clouds Let's-Read-and-Find-Out Science 1
To understand better, we tried to make the clouds by illustrating them through cotton balls.  Mavi had difficulty making some of the clouds, especially the stratus and cirrus.  Even though we have the description cards, it was still difficult to make “streaky” and “feathery” clouds.

He also tried to colour the cottons with watercolour to demonstrate the “gray” stormy clouds.

Another activity that we worked on here is using our 3 part cards and description cards. Instead of matching everything, what we did here is match the picture cards to the descriptions.  The good news, is that you can own a copy of this for FREE, FREE Types of Clouds 3 Part Cards!

FREE Types of Clouds 3 Part Cards
Now, the Clouds (Let’s Read and Find Out Series) is one of a kind. As I mentioned earlier, we love it the moment we started reading it.  It’s engaging, has beautiful pictures and most importantly, it gives out facts that kids can easily understand.  That’s what makes it even more engaging because Mavi can easily relate to what the book is saying!

Just for example, in this page it answered Mavi’s all time question “why is it that sometimes there’s no clouds?”  I highly recommend this book, even Vito loves looking at the pictures!

I hope this post gave you an idea on how to introduce kids to clouds and its types.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your cards! We love the "lets read and find out" science series. #montessorimonday