Magnatiles for Creativity

Monday, May 1, 2017

We love Magnatiles!  If you’re following my Instagram, we used this often times at home during free play.  I hesitated for the longest time before I purchased these amazing magnetic tiles because of the price, but oh boy, they are so worth-it!  Aside from the fact that it has some educational value, it is also an open ended toy which the boys love to use for building castles, houses, forts, cars and just about it anything!  The possibility is endless thus we love it!
Lately, Vito has been obsessed with Magnatiles.  He uses it in the morning to keep himself busy while I’m helping Mavi prepare for school.  I love that he can use these magnetic tiles independently without the fear of him being choked.  In some pretend plays he uses the tiles to build farm animal pens such as what we did in this old video
When we were in the US, I added some extra tiles from Stick N Stack, so they can create windows, doors and forts.  They’re compatible with MagnatilesYou can see more of Stick N Stack here.
Here he is admiring his work!
He then continued on putting some animals and people figures (Pretend Professionals from Miniland Jobs Figures) in his castle and said “I’m done” It’s so pretty Mommy”.

Just like LEGOs, Magnatiles is an awesome toy perfect for kids of all ages, and they fit for toddlers too!  You wouldn’t know how creative and artistic your kids are without providing them the tools and opportunity.  Of course, best to have are those in nature, like the ones we have in the backyard, but these open ended toys are good to have for those living in places where it’s almost cold and raining all year round Open-mouthed smile  It’s one of the best toys to get your kids to build and to use their imagination for pretend plays. 


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