Montessori Inspired Farm Activities for Preschoolers

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

It’s going to be an exciting month for Vito as we are learning about the farm and farm animals!  Kids are so fascinated with the farm, probably because of the domestic animals that can easily be identified and the fact that the farm is where we mostly get our food.  Early in life, the kids are educated that the milk comes from the cow, eggs from chicken, wool from sheep and etc.  At first, we visited a few farm animals in the zoo weeks ago.  We pet some goats, chicken, and seen some donkeys and cattle for Vito to experience.  We’ll be visiting a real farm this month too, and hopefully we’ll get to see some real farming work!

Now, for extension work, here are some activities I prepared for Vito at home to learn more about the farm.  We’re starting some of these already and you can see the photos in my Instagram account.  Please follow me there for real time activities!

Beginning letter and CVC Work
We are using the Beginning Letter Cards from my Farm Mini Unit pack.  In this activity, we’ll be learning the beginning letters of some farm animals and even explore the animals with CVC words.  We are using Schleich North America My First Farm Animals Toy Figure here and the Montessori moveable alphabet

Parts of a Horse
We are identifying the basic parts of a horse, and it’s Vito’s first time to encounter the term 'mane' and 'hooves'.  It would be lovely if we can get to see or ride a horse in our farm visit for a more hands-on learning, we’ll see!DSC_1112

Animal Families
Vito loves pairing our animal figures into families (Schleich North America My First Farm Animals Toy Figure and Safari Ltd Farm TOOB).  Currently, he’s calling and referring to the animal families as mommy cow, daddy cow and baby cow.  This lesson will introduce him to the proper names of male and female farm animals, and what we call their offspring. The printable used here was made long ago, and you can get it from here (Farm Families FREE Sorting Cards).DSC_1097

Racing Games
I made a few math and number games for Vito and you can get them from our Farm Mini Unit pack.  I wanted to reintroduce this to him once again.  He loved playing games like this, especially with his experience in playing the graphing game and autumn racing game here. 
In this game, I introduced the use of a die with dots.  It’s his first time to use this one, so every time he rolls it, I would make him count the dots.  We played this over and over and because of repetition, he immediately memorized the association of dots to the numbers (he did not have a need to count).

Farm Animal Lacing
We have this Farm Lacing material for the longest time and somehow not a favourite of any of the boys.  Though both of them love creating necklace (also a lacing activity), but this one just doesn’t fit in their interest.  So we’ll see how this will go once I give it to him this week.

Farm Produced
I am so excited for this lesson/activity!  I’m planning to involve Mavi with this too. It’s a very simple activity of introducing to my 3 years old where his food is coming from.  So this will be interesting!

Milking Cows
Not really a hands-on experience, but Vito loves this activity!  It’s almost similar to the idea of milking cows though.  We did this last year and the boys had  blast so I just need to include this once again.  So easy to prepare, just some latex hand gloves, filled with water and then pinch a few holes in the fingers using a needle and you’re good to go!

Ah here’s a sample.  My little one loved squeezing the gloves to extract some water (pretend milk). 

Beginning Letter Clipcard
Because of the sensitive period for letters (and numbers),  Vito is loving anything related to letters.  This is the reason why, I’m grabbing the opportunity to do a lot of phonics activities with him.  He’s reluctant with this for some time but now, he’s always identifying letters and pretend to read words!    We’ll keep on practising letter sounds using farm objects and animals and with activities like this one.

What are farm animals?
This activity will help Vito identify farm animals and differentiate them from other animals.  We’re using the matching cards from my Toobs Matching Cards pack (based on Safari Toobs Farm and Down in the Farm).   All the figures here are from Schleich but you can also use Safari Toob animals.DSC_1014
As I mentioned, the matching cards we are using are from my new product 200+ TOOBs Matching Cards pack.  The cards here are in 3 part card format but what you’re seeing here is the control card only (picture with label).  We will start using 3 part cards this month as Vito is showing signs of eagerness to read.

And best of all, don’t forget to visit a real farm!  Nothing beats a real experience with all these amazing animals and witness farm life!

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  1. What a neat unit! You have great inspiration in all of these activities!

  2. This looks like so much fun! You are so creative! I really like the basket of what each animal produces.