Gonge River Stones And Why We Love Them

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Oh I can’t tell you how much we love these Gonge Riverstones!  I was really skeptic of these at first.  I mean, why purchase a plastic makeshift rocks when you have the entire backyard as a playground.  We don’t really need it.  Then as the boys were spending a lot of time in the yard these days, I realized that we don’t really have those flat rocks the boys can hop around with or use for play pretend.  I was thinking that if we can have those, the boys and I can play games involving gross motor and some relays.  So I decided to try the Gonge Riverstones.  They were on sale, and I picked them over the Gonge Hilltops because we already have three large rocks at the backyard which are way better than the plastic ones.  Anyway, I tell you, the moment these Gonge Riverstones arrived, it’s been non-stop play for the boys!  We liked them right away, and so does my husband!  This is my honest review of the river stones, and I bought this for our personal use and was not paid to do a review. 

Here are some reasons why we love it and totally recommend!


I love that you can use these Gonge Riverstones in indoor and outdoor play. If you are in a country where it’s cold and rainy most of the time, these are very helpful.  My two boys needed to exhaust their energy every single day and it’s a pain when you’re inside the house for weeks due to bad weather.  The Gonge Riverstones which are in perfect sizes (not too small nor too big) fit in every room of our apartment for the boys to play with.  You can place these on the carpet, wood and tile flooring and they're perfectly safe for the kids because they don’t slip off!
When the Gonge riverstones arrived, I wanted to test if we can use them outdoors right away, and they were just perfect! They can sit on the grass or on the cement without slipping so you can let your kids independently play with them outdoors.  And with their vibrant colors, you can easily spot them!


You can ran around on top of these, hop, jump and invent any movements to promote gross motor skills.  The boys definitely love to hop around these rocks and balance their body.  At times they would test their skills of balancing by adjusting the distance of each stones to see whether they can jump that long or not.  It’s pretty awesome how they would try over and over again testing their limit!  Again, it’s safe because the stones doesn’t slip off the floor.DSC_1878


Ahhh, it feels good to the feet!  I would make the boys go barefoot whenever we play with the Gonge riverstones.  Thanks to the ridges/steps on the side, and the roughness of the surface, the sensorial feel is nothing compared to being on the carpet or wooden floor.  It’s like being given a foot massage!  I personally like it!  I would find myself standing on these stones or giving it a two or three rounds of hop for a free foot therapy!




My kids love to play games in the backyard. These are some of the ways I teach the kids about healthy competition and sportsmanship.  Here they’re moving around the stones and would hop on the Grimms Rainbow Stacker.  Whoever does it without touching the stacker wins.  Indoors, we use them to play something similar to “musical chairs”.  It’s all dancing, and freezing and hopping around!


These are the kind of toys and activity sets I love to invest in because even if they’re quite pricey, I know that they will last long because they’re well made of.  To clarify, these are not stones, they are made of high quality plastic material that are non-toxic.  And I was even surprised that they’re light and so easy to carry around!  The boys can independently move them around without needing my assistance, even my 3 years old can do it.  And I must highlight that they come in beautiful, vivid colors.  Oh my, they look like candies making it even  more inviting to play!


These stones are perfect for families who have a limited space in their house.  They’re in perfect size for storing!  We just stack them together and put them on one side of the sitting room or under the bed of the kids when not in use.  It doesn’t take enough space which is a bother for those living in tiny apartments!  To clean the stones, I just use antiseptic wipes and the dirt or dust are easily removed.

I love these type of toys which can be used in a million ways and so easy to handle.  I wouldn’t think twice to purchase these again.

Feel free to ask questions!

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