FREE TREE Matching Cards Activity

Thursday, July 13, 2017

This is a matching and memory game I made for Vito during our Plants and Trees Unit Study.  He absolutely loved this!  I regretted that I didn’t make more, because he kept on asking for more matching games.


By the end of the activity he told me, “Mommy I love this game so much”.

Now to share with you the same enjoyment my son had, I’m sharing this activity and memory game with you. Click the image or link below to get hold of a copy.  Hope you like it, enjoy!

DSC_1186 - Copy


If you are interested, we also have this in Autumn Themed but for purchase.

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  1. I'm sorry, but I can only see the first page of the downloaded file (the disclaimer and intro), not the activity itself. Is something wrong with the link or am I doing something wrong? :) Just found your blog last week, by the way, and am hooked. Thank you for sharing so many awesome ideas with us!

    1. Hi! Thank you and glad that you like our activities. I will check this now and and update if there's an error in the file. Keep on checking for the update and be sure to clear your cache so you can download the updated version.

    2. I can see the whole activity now, thank you! The trees are very beautiful, can't wait to try this with my daughter.