Learning the Life Cycle of a Frog for Kids

Saturday, August 26, 2017

We've been learning about frogs for the past weeks and finally we get to use our Life Cycle Frog layered puzzle from Beleduc.  This is such a beautiful piece of layered puzzle showing all the development stages of a frog’s life in tiers.  If you are trying to find ways of incorporating hands-on materials in teaching the life cycle of these type of animals then read on to find out more about our activity.

Learning the Life Cycle of a Frog for Kids

To introduce the subject, we’ve been observing tadpoles in the park for the past few weeks for Vito to have a real experience of what these baby frogs look like.  Once at home we would read frog books to supplement his discoveries and learnings.  Books we are using so far are the following:

Below is a preview from Frog My First Book of Discoveries which Vito loves to read at night.  This is currently his favourite because he loves to match our frog figures to the pictures in this book (the images are realistic!).


Once he’s familiar with the life cycle, I introduced the puzzle. Vito immediately recognized the figures and he excitedly worked on solving the puzzle.  He enjoyed putting together the pieces to reveal the image and he would excitedly match it to our frog figures (Safari Ltd Life Cycle of a Frog)!



Vito enjoyed  putting this together and each time he completed a layer, we would discuss the changes, like developing hind legs, then forelegs.



Now, to show you how this puzzle works, take a look at this video which Mavi made:

I hope that you like our short activity!  Below is a summary of the materials we used:

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