Thanksgiving Preschool Literacy Learning Pack

Friday, November 10, 2017

Hello everyone!  I recently launched our Thanksgiving Preschool Literacy Pack in our shop as tools to aid my kids learn about this celebration in the United States.  Though we may not be celebrating Thanksgiving, but this is our way of learning different cultures and understanding the meaning of the celebration.   (Note: pictures of my kids using these materials are in my Instagram account!)

Thanksgiving Preschool Literacy Learning Pack
To make the process of learning enjoyable and engaging, I prepared some craft activities for the boys (because they enjoy working together) and set-up a few trays as invitation to play and learn for Vito.  This is not just perfect for home use but also for schools!  So you better check these out in our shop!

What’s included in the learning pack?

3 Part Cards

This is for vocabulary development.  We would use this first after reading a book about Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Themed 3 Part Cards
Beginning Letter Clipcards

After learning the words I use this cards for Vito to identify the beginning sound (phonics).  He enjoys this work very much!

Thanksgiving Themed Beginning Letter Clipcards
Beginning Letter Picture Cards

I love adding varieties in every activity, and this one is similar to the clipcards, but this time we’re using the moveable alphabets.  I decided to add this in the pack as Vito loved this work as well, see our previous activity here (Autumn Themed) and here (B4FIAR: Jesse Bear What Will You Wear).

Thanksgiving Themed Beginning Letter Picture Cards
Uppercase and Lowercase Match

The pack focuses on letters t, c, p, and a.  So I provided this matching cards to identify the lowercase letters.  So simple yet enjoyable!

Thanksgiving Themed Uppercase and Lowercase Match
Which one doesn’t belong?

An extension work of the letters t, c, a, and p wherein Vito will identify which letter sound doesn’t belong.

Which one doesn’t belong?

This is a rhyming and phonics BINGO game which I talked about here.  Oh this is one of the boys’ favourite activity!

Thanksgiving Themed BINGO game
Thanksgiving Themed Booklet

And because my boys love creating books, I added this in our learning pack.  I included two sets of mini books, coloring for younger kids and writing for the older ones.  This is similar to the alphabet books that we have in our shop as well.

Thanksgiving Themed Booklet
And finally, a FREEBIE for ALL! You can download our Letter T dot and trace activity sheets to go along with your Thanksgiving themed activities. Enjoy!

FREE Letter T dot and trace activity sheets

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Thanksgiving Preschool Literacy Learning Pack


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