Thanksgiving Themed Rhyme and Beginning Letter Sound BINGO Game

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

My 4 years old absolutely loves our Thanksgiving rhyme and beginning letter BINGO game!  He loves rhyming words, so I just have to come up with some activity to feed this interest.  Since we’ve been exploring beginning letter sounds, I also added this to our game.

Thanksgiving Themed Rhyme and Beginning Letter Sound BINGO Game
We are learning about Thanksgiving this week, not because we are Americans, but because we wanted to learn the different traditions and cultures around the world.  This play-based learning learning material is just perfect for Vito (and Mavi too) who is currently loving rhyming words and phonics.  This is one activity that is best during these dark, gloomy, and rainy days to combat boredom and monotony at home.

This is how it works?

There are 4 BINGO sheets included in this Thanksgiving Literacy Pack.  Note that this is intended for preschoolers or kindergarteners. The content of the BINGO sheets of course contains images that symbolizes or related to the Thanksgiving tradition.  This is a 3x4 BINGO game, with 12 calling/picture cards.  You can use any token to mark the pictures.  In our case, I use our vegetable counters as Thanksgiving is all about celebrating the harvest.  Any token set or counter set is acceptable.

Vegetable counters used in our Thanksgiving BINGO game
The calling cards contain the instructions on what picture you need to cover.  You can take turns in drawing the cards from a deck or from a bag.  Because Vito is not reading yet,  he just identifies the image in the card while I read the instructions.

Thanksgiving themed BINGO game
Where to get this material?

This Thanksgiving themed Beginning Sound and Rhyme BINGO Game is part of our Thanksgiving Themed Preschool Literacy Pack available in our shop.  If you are interested and would like to know more about the other activities included in this pack, be sure to check out the PREVIEW of our material (click the PREVIEW button).  I’m sure that you will love and enjoy the activities I added there.

Thanksgiving Themed Preschool Literacy Pack
And that's about it!  More Thanksgiving activities coming up in the coming days!

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