Dinosaur Books!

Friday, September 12, 2014

These are ALL the books we used as reference for Dinosaur Study.  This post contains affiliated links.

I highly recommend this book for preschoolers who love dinosaurs and letters at the same time. Mavi has been obsessed with the alphabet for years and he always always relates the alphabet to any object he sees.



These are specific books that describes dinosaurs according to characteristics. My son borrowed ALL of these books from the library.


I personally prefer this book, unfortunately it is only limited to giant dinosaurs. It missed out some of my son’s favourite dinos. DSC_1101 

Hope this post is helpful in giving you ideas on what books to use when studying dinosaurs.

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Dinosaur and the Land Before Time

Thursday, September 11, 2014


My son is obsessed with dinosaurs. Majority of the books he borrowed from the library is about dinosaurs.  His birthday cake was decorated with dinosaurs. So when he begged that we’ll play with dinosaurs, I couldn’t resist.  At the same time, Mavi’s favourite books are the ones in Life to …. He reads it every night and is eager to learn all about the beginning of times.  So considering all the factors, I put up an afterschool learning activity about the geological times and the era of dinosaurs.

Here are the activities we worked on…

Geological Time  

me-28 This topic deserves a separate post.  But here’s a preview of what we did here. My son is obsessed with the books that you see in the picture.  It is a three book series which tells the story of the beginning of time, from the big-bang to the appearance of humans.  Now, using these books we traced the geological period from the creation of the stars and planets to the first humanoid.

Dinosaur Family Tree


Another topic which I will have a separate post as well.  My son’s fascination with dinosaurs started this year and so far he has memorized the names of all the dinosaurs that appeared in the books which I shared at the very end of this post.  He’s been watching Walking With Dinosaurs non-stop and Dinosaur Train.  He wants to be a paleontologist and would make videos of dinosaur stories.

With this “burst” of interest, I’m gave him a challenging task of forming the Dino-Family tree using the cheat-sheet and our dinosaur figures.

Periods of the Dinosaur


We’ve done this activity a couple of times but I always add it whenever we re-visit dinosaur study.  For this year, the focus was for him to tell the difference between the three periods (time and the characteristics of dinosaurs living in that period).

Learning About Dinosaurs

me-25  I made a new set of cards for him (he requested this).  I previously made him this, but he wanted to have a new one.  The images where from BBC Walking With Dinosaurs and all the information in the card were from Enchanted Learning.  The are only 8 dinosaurs in this set that I made because I fell sick but I plan to add some more when I see beautiful images of other dinosaurs in our figures.


You can get with activity sheet (fact sheet) from here. I made this so I can train Mavi to “record” information of his dinosaurs.

     DSC_1231 DSC_1239

Currently, our dino collection is composed of Safari Toob Dinos and Safari Toob Feathered Dinosaurs. 

Dinosaur Fossils

I got Mavi an air dry clay from the craft store and we made dino fossils.  This was a fun activity for both of us as we are trying to make the “best looking fossil ever”.  I realize that it was actually hard to make a realistic dino fossil LOL.


When they dried up, I made Mavi paint the fossil light brown to make it similar to those in the museum.


But he had plans of his own :)  According to Mavi, the blue ones where fossils discovered in water, the red in volcanoes, the green and yellow in mountains and the brown ones were excavated from he ground.


 Parts of a Volcano


Since volcanoes were pretty active during the time of dinosaurs, I added parts of a volcano in our lesson. This one is from Montessori Print Shop.

me-23 Volcano Experiment

And for the most exciting part…. volcanoes and dinosaurs in one gigantic eruption!   



Will prepare a separate post for the books.

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FREE Feathered Dinosaur Cards

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Feathered Dinosaurs

Hello everyone! I made these cards ages ago and we use it to play matching game with our Safari Feathered Dinosaur Toob.  I’ll be posting our Dino Study this week for more dino-related activities that you can do with your little people.  Hope you like my cards.  Enjoy!


The Human Skeleton Book References

Friday, September 5, 2014


I’ve got lots of inquiries regarding the books we used in our human body and skeleton unit.  These books were from the library and they are amazing resources!  You can get them in Book Depository [aff.link] and they have FREE DELIVERY worldwide.

Books used were[aff.links]:

Try checking them out now :)

Non-Toxic Finger Paint for Babies

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

I got this from a friend and this mixture is very very simple!


Mixing a plain yogurt and food coloring (I used a small amount of organic food coloring) you will produce a yummy finger paint for little babies! The activity is intended for sensorial play and I was not encouraging him to taste or eat the yogurt.  But you know that at this age, babies mouth anything.


And the good thing about it is that big brother can join as well!  And they play with it for 30 minutes (I was able to wash dishes worry free)  Two kids (and a Mommy) happy with one activity. How cool is that?