Friday, October 24, 2014

No, we’re not carving pumpkins this Halloween. First, I don’t have the tools and second, we have no space for them.  So instead we painted pumpkins and stick them on the crystal window of my son as decors!

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Teeny Weeny Tot School

Thursday, October 23, 2014

teeny1 copy


We’re celebrating a few milestones! 

First Vito can now sit upright in his chair. I used this opportunity to make him look at books and practice turning pages to master pincer grasp :)DSC_0654 

And we started to wean on his own! He insisted actually. I was feeding him and wanted to take spoon from me which I did. I gave him the opportunity to feed himself and he actually did! Well he didn’t get to finish his lunch but it’s so AMAZING to see him trying to scoop the food from the his bow and put it in his mouth! He was doing it OVER and OVER until he got tired until Mommy has to do it for him :)

xavi eating

Sensory and weaning at the same time using a jelly!


This soft sensory blocks is not a favourite at the moment. But I do love their colours and their different textures.  For now he just keeps on mouthing them and using them as teethers  (yes these are teethers as well). 


He loves to touch it using his pointer fingers though.


More pincer grasp practice using the chunky puzzles.


Oh and definitely loves my homemade shakers :)


I’m not into sensory bins as I don’t have the space to store them but we do have lots of boxes of animal figures (Mavi’s), and whenever I need him to get busy… I just give him these boxes to explore.  He loves to take the animal figures from the box and put them just on the side.

xavi playing

For language, we did animal farms last week. 


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Life Cycle: Human Body Part II

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The second and last part of our Human Body Study includes the Skeletal System and a brief introduction to the Permanent Teeth Development. 

The Human Bones (Skeletal System)

Previous works on Skeletal System can be found here and here.

This year, I added some depth into our study.  We started our work using the Skeletal Nomenclature Cards.  This is an independent work for him. 




Next, I have this small miniature of the human skeleton which I bought on a Euro Store and I started to cut it into pieces.  Here showed Mavi the bone models and compare it to our image.  We talked about the functions of each bones in the human skeleton.  We also tried to compare the arm and the leg bones.  Pointing out to Mavi that bones in the legs are longer than the arms.DSC_0815

                           DSC_0817   DSC_0819

We played around with the bones.  Making different formations.  Mavi thought that this was funny LOL.


Forensic Anthropologist (A Play Pretend)

I buried the bits and pieces of the skeleton I previously dismantled in a bowl of oatmeal.  Here I asked Mavi to dig, brush and put the pieces of skeletons back together. “Oh, just like the dinosaurs Mommy!” he exclaimed.




And much to my surprise, this was an easy task for him.  He was able to complete the work in no time. Though he wasn’t challenged, he really liked digging the bones and scrubbing the oatmeal off.DSC_0864


The Bone Experiment

We conducted an experiment on a chicken bone. This is to demonstrate the effect of acids on bones. 

What you need:  Vinegar, chicken bone and a jar


After cleaning the cooked chicken bone, we place it in a jar filled with vinegar.  After 24hrs, we remove the bone from the jar and examined it, its texture and flexibility.  Mavi observed that, the bone’s flexibility increases daily (for 5 days) having a feeling of a rubber.

This is because of the loss of calcium in the bones after exposing it to vinegar which is an acid and reacts chemically with the bone.  As a result, Mavi and I discuss the importance of calcium in our body specifically in our bones.  How it gives the bones strength and firmness.  We also talked about the foods that are rich in calcium, which we need to eat in a daily basis for maintaining healthy bones.


Our book from the library the Eyewitness Skeleton [aff. link] was also a great helped.  It shows the contrast of human bones and animals bones, the structure and formation.

                              DSC_0721   DSC_0725 

And that concludes our Human Body study for this year.  Hope that this post will help you with your own skeleton activities.


  • FREE Teeth Development Nomenclature Cards
  • Human Skeleton Nomenclature and Definition Booklet

TeethDevelopment    HumanSkeleton

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Color Gradient Painting

Sunday, October 19, 2014

We try to have an art class every Friday as what I indicated in our October Calendar.    I bought new sets of paint last week, they’re 80% organic, non-toxic, water washable and doesn’t have the strong smell like that of Crayola.  So my son had a renew interest in painting and he’s been doing it randomly not just during Friday.

This idea was from a picture I saw in my Facebook newsfeed and I wanted to try it with Mavi, teaching him the colour progression… from light to dark or the other way around.


He picked the primary colours and the green. We added 3 drops of white paint each time we lighten the colours.  Son totally enjoyed this activity!  He especially loves the part wherein we changes the shade of the colour and he gets excited to see the effect. 


So here’s Mavi’s work and mine. I didn’t get to finish my work as I ended up assisting him in his colour mixtures.


As an extra work, he ended up mixing the primary colours…. to produce secondary colours so he can paint a rainbow. A few years ago we had colour mixing activities, you can pay it a visit as it became really popular and was featured in other blogs as well.



I’m so happy of his renewed interest! And with the new paints, I can allow him to do lots of art works without worrying of the strong paint smell :D

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