FREE European Countries Fact Cards and {Learn & Play Link UP}

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

There are amazing shared printables this week! Before I go there, let me share with you my FREE European Countries Fact Cards that we used in our European Study Unit and The Study of Northern Europe. Mavi loved these cards, he keeps on reading them and learning about the currency, highest mountain, longest river etc. of 16 European countries.  Download your copy now!

Europe Countries


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The Study of Northern Europe

Sunday, November 22, 2015

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Mavi and I are looking into the different regions of Europe and we started with Northern Europe (of course, that’s our location!).  So as not to be overwhelmed, we only focused on 4 countries:  Denmark, United Kingdom, Ireland and Sweden (my bestfriend currently lives there and has been sending me lots of beautiful photos!).Northern

So to learn about Northern Europe we have the following activities:

Naming of at least 4 Countries

We start off by identifying the countries in the Northern Europe. If you check my previous post, Mavi sorted out the countries in Europe according to regions.  So in this study we are focusing on four countries:  Denmark (for LEGO), Sweden (for IKEA), United Kingdom and Ireland.

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I prepared this  country FACT CARDS for Mavi to read.  Things that you can learn from this fact cards:

  • Capital and biggest city for each country
  • Currency used
  • Language
  • Nationality
  • Longest River of the country
  • Highest Mountain of the country
  • Climate
  • Government

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I created this Europe Map 3 Part cards.  My intention here is for Mavi to easily identify the location of each country without using the puzzle.  The file also contains a blank sheet for him to do his own mapping.

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Flag and Plotting Important Geographical Sites

For retention, I made Mavi create the flags of Denmark and Ireland using LEGOs.  He wanted it this way, rather than painting or drawing them on a cardstock.

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I printed this map of Ireland from CIA site and laminated it.  The purpose of this activity is to locate the highest mountain of Ireland, the capital city and trace the longest river.  We did this with United Kingdom, Denmark and Sweden as well.  In order to reuse the map again, I laminated it and used dry erase pen to mark the map.

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Famous Landmarks

For the landmarks, I printed this coloring sheet from  Mavi wants to color them but later on decided to create a replica using his LEGO.

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This is his interpretation of the Stonehenge and Big Ben tower using LEGOs.DSC_0580


Important Facts About Northern Europe

Expanding our knowledge, we took out some of the fact cards from our Europe in a Nutshell, identify those that belongs to Northern Europe and study them.  So here are the things Mavi learned:

  • Puffins. We saw a few of them in Cliffs of Moher when we visited the site last summer.
  • Vikings
  • Shamrocks and Celtic cross in Ireland
  • Fjords in Scandinavian countries.

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Letter ‘t’ Sound Activities

Saturday, November 21, 2015


letter t fb

Vito’s activities last week revolves around the letter ‘t’.  As you all know, we’re working with letter sounds for a while and funny how he’s able to name alphabets using their sounds these days instead of their names LOL.    The unit is not just actually a week’s work, but it took us 2 weeks TO get over with the materials and activities, because Vito kept using them! Let me share with you activities we did to explore and learn objects with the letter ‘t’ sound.

Lettet T Object Basket.  Let’s start with our object basket.  I filled it with 3-4 objects starting with letter t that Vito uses a  lot at home like torch, telescope/binoculars, teeth and Titanic LEGO made by Mavi.  Then added a few letters like this foam letter from Munchkins (Vito used to bite these!) and the all time favourite letters from Hape.


Train Shape Cards.  I made these! I’m so happy on how it turned out.  The train plus the DIY air dry clay shapes are currently Vito’s favourite activity. He loves matching the shapes to that in the train! 

xxxxx (1 of 1)-34

That’s his brother’s sleep mask (from Emirates), which is his favorite accessory as of the moment.


Color Sorting using Transport Counters.  The counters are from Learning Resources and this is one of our favourites!  The train cards are DIY: using a train coloring image, I printed it in different colors of cardstock and laminated it. 

xxxxx (1 of 1)-38

He worked on them but doesn’t stay long. As I previously said, color sorting is NOT his favourite thing as of the moment.  But even so, I still would introduce different kinds of color activities just in case he might find his interest.


Counting.  Vito loves to count, it’s like effortless in my part to make him count and identify numbers.  He counts on his own and is always giddy whenever he sees numbers.  So this turtle activity is his favourite.  We just don’t have enough turtle figures to count up to 10 LOL.  The turtle counters are from Safari Toob.  We previously worked on trees as well for our letter t unit. Check it out here Smile

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Brushing of Teeth Teeth.  Our model of mouth/teeth is just so awesome! Vito is fascinated with this and loves brushing it with his toothbrush LOL.  This is a wonderful practical life activity, especially to those little ones who are hesitant to brush their teeth Open-mouthed smile  Know where you can get these teeth model here.


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Letter t

Simple Experiments: Making CRATERS

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Such a lovely activity for my kids! We had fun dropping balls of all sizes here and there Open-mouthed smile 



1.  To identify the type of surface where craters are formed.


Materials Needed:

  • an aluminum foil, the bigger the better
  • soft material like a newspaper, a rug or towel

    balls or rocks



    1.  Lay the soft material in the ground like a newspaper a rug or a towel.

    2.  On top of it, lay the foil.


    3.  Stand at the edge of the foil and drop the ball or rock at the center of the foil.  Note be decided to use the mini basketball because we realized that golf balls made a small impact.DSC_1014

    4.  Repeat this process on a hard floor.  This time it was Vito’s turn to drop the ball.


    5.  Examine both pieces of the foil.


    The ball that was dropped in the foil on a soft surface (first image below) made a larger impression compared to the foil lying on a hard floor (second image).  You can immediately see the impression when the ball is dropped in a soft surface!  Look at them, they look like craters!


    You can barely see an impression here, but Vito did dropped the ball a few times.


    What happened?

    The ball that was dropped in the softer surface sank, allowing more of the ball to be pressed against the foil.  In effect, this created those “holes” in the foil.  This is similar to the case of a meteorite (stone or metal in space) when striking a soft surface, it creates a larger imprint that are shaped like holes called craters.  Craters are best formed when meteorites strikes soft, powdery surfaces like that in the moon!  Why not check out the surface of the moon to see a real crater!

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    Forming CratersPIN