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Sunday, July 21, 2013

EDIT: Thank you so much to my reader Tracy for pointing out incorrect details of my animals. I have already corrected it and updated the link. Caiman doesn't exist in Australia.. and it's actually a mistake. It's supposedly crocodile but I got confused with my animal figures :( And all the while, I thought BBQ ribs originates from Australia and they actually think of it as American food! Thank you so much! I am so happy to learn all of these as well.

My family will be on vacation in the next few days and I have been cramming these days due to preparations. Aside from that we spend most of our days outdoors because of football practice, thus the lack of updates and post.

Last week, we worked on Continents, and the subject was Australia.  Was very happy that I found these books from the library.   My son loved the books for they had a lot of photos that made an impact on my son.  The books provided pictures of the people and the culture of Australia, which was very very important in our unit lesson.


Now the materials I made were:  the maps, flags, postcards and stamps.   I also skipped printing the currency  because my son isn’t interested with it at the moment.


My son also created the Australian flag out of cardstock (with a little assistance from me).  He knows by heart the number of stars on the flag LOL.


I printed cards for the landmarks and foods in Australia.  We were supposed to make Pavlova, but since we’re not really a fan of sweets and pastries, I rejected the thought of making it in order to save time and money :)  Instead, we made BBQ ribs!!

Then he started drawing each cards.  Can you guess each of it?  There’s an alligator(caiman), the boat in the Sydney Opera House, the Cockatoo, a Dingo and an Emu.

Also, I made control cards for the animals in the Safari Toob Down Under for matching game.  You can download it from here.   Images were googled and if you wish to share it, kindly redirect them to  my blog or on this post for the link.  Thank you!


We plot the animals on the map where they’re mostly seen in Australia.

And to complete our unit lesson, I purchased the Kangaroo Nomenclature Card from Montessori Print Shop. 


The next time we do Australia, I promise to add more materials and age appropriate activities.  For now, I think these are okay :)
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  1. These are fantastic resources you have here, but I feel I should tell you that a) we don't have alligators in Australia, only crocodiles, Caiman's are only found in central and southern America and b) BBQ ribs are not at all Australian, they are eaten here, but we think of them as American if anything.

    1. Hello Tracey! Thank you so much for this info!! I just have to correct the printable. I always think of ribs as Australian as my friends would keep talking about them whenever they're in the Outback :) Thank you so much this is just in time as I am planning to re-visit this unit soon :)