Continent: North America

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

This week, we worked on our North America unit.  Here’s what we did:
Read books.DSC_0450 Review our geography map and cards.
Studied the map of North America and identifying the countries by pinning flags.
Mavi reads the names of the countries on each flag.
I realize that it was hard to pin flags on Central America LOL
I enjoy seeing small hands in action.DSC_0497  I love to see concentration and dedication.
Our North America landmarks.  This is homemade. We also used our Safari Toob Around the World (not in the picture).  
Learn about the animals living in North America.  Here I made animal cards that goes with the Safari Toob North America Wildlife.  If you wish to have a copy of the card, you can download it from here I’m happy to share, but this is only for personal use.  The information written on the card were all resourced from the internet.DSC_0583
Our little moosie lost one of his horns :(DSC_0589
And we also studied the life of North American people in effect we were able to make a Navajo craft.  Read about it here
DSC_0536 Enjoy!
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Pablo Picasso and the Blue Period

Monday, September 3, 2012

We’re studying the works of Pablo Picasso as of the moment.  Currently, we’re exploring the “blue period”.  It’s amazing to discover that our reliable library got tons of art books for kids!  I got a few ones for myself and I only selected a few suited for my boy.  Here’s what he read had so far:


He wanted to paint the “blue” ones, its his favorite color.  So I gathered all the coloring materials we have that is blue or has a blue hue. 


He wanted to paint the windows, and he wanted to add some grass. And this is what he came up with.DSC_0606 

Then he said he wanted to paint the skies.DSC_0608 

Skies, in purple and blue.DSC_0609

Inspired by the “blue period”, his rendition of our backyard using crayons and pastels.


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Navajo Cheerios Painting

Saturday, September 1, 2012

We’re currently working on our North America unit.  To understand a little bit of American history, we made this “cheerios” painting.  This idea came from this book: 


It contains lots of comprehensive introduction to American history, a peek at what the people eat and drinks, how they are dressed, their beliefs and how society was organized.  Among the projects in the this book, my son picked the designing of a Navajo.

It is said that healers from the Navajo tribe create paintings using colored sand.  And it is believed that these creations had the power to cure illness.   DSC_0547

Because we don’t have colored sand, we pulverized cheerios.  


Now I made a design in an art paper.  I placed the cheerios in a muffin paper.  As a guide, I place number on the shapes that are going to have the same color.  Then spread glue into the shapes of color number 1.


I made my son cover the glue using the desired powderized cheerios.  We did this with the rest of the shapes/colors. He loves filling the glue with cheerios, he was very particular with the colors mixing.  I was telling him it’s okay because it’s unavoidable.

               DSC_0534 DSC_0537

I just love seeing little hands in action!DSC_0540 

His favorite part, lifting the paper and shaking off the excess powders.DSC_0542

We let it dry for a few hours and here’s what we ended up with.  A Navajo tribe healing painting :)DSC_0544

Happy crafting!

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