Perfect 10 Snake Game

Thursday, January 30, 2014

We are doing a lot of snake game for the past few days.  My son is now loving it unlike the first time he encountered it wherein he kept on complaining how tiring it is to count.  This time, he loves transforming his "jungle colorful snake" to "tiger snake".  For those new to Montessori,

Materials we used here are:

  • Decanomial beads
  • Black and white beads
  • A mat
  • Melissa and Doug Magnetic Alphabet box

So here Mavi made his own.  I made sure that the beads will make a perfect 10 just to demonstrate that the two numbers when combined will make 10. 



So here, we are replacing the colored beads (beads that makes a 10) to the golden beads.  The picture on the right is for the control of error. I am showing Mavi that the bead combinations form ten.  In this case: 6 (violet) and 4(yellow), 1(red) and 9(dark blue), 2(green) and 8(brown), 5(light blue) and 5(light blue),  and 7(white) and 3(pink) all makes a 10 (golden bead).

          DSC_2686 DSC_2688

As I mentioned earlier, we've been doing this multiple times this week.  Here, I focused on two combinations only:  8(brown) and 2(green),  and 7(white) and 3(pink).  Because the snake is composed of repetitive combination of those beads he immediately memorized that those combinations make a 10.  In the middle of the snake, he did not bother counting... he just replaced the designated combination with the golden beads.

        DSC_2690 DSC_2692

Same goes when we tried 9 and 1, 4 and 6 and, 5 and 5.  At the end of each activity, I showed him the equations that we can form out of those combination.  But of course, we will explore more of this "addition snake game" as we progress.

       DSC_2696 DSC_2698

We are now starting our random snake game, and that's where the black and white beads will be useful.  They are basically used as a placeholder for the remaining beads after you have counted 10 beads (see the picture below). So here, we replace the colored bead into a ten bar (remove the blue and yellow beads) and add the 3 black beads to represent the remaining yellow beads (unaccounted).


This is just an overview of how we play the game. There's more into it actually with the snake game and we'll explore it one step at time.  I am not really good with words, so if my post is not enough, and if you need demonstration or an album, there are lots of it in the web.

All in all it was very effective, effective in a way that you will get the child to come sit with you and play and at the same time learning without getting bored.

Now, who says math is boring??  Happy Friday to all!

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Homework (A Montessori Approach)

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

We're using Montessori method to Mavi's homework. He loves it!

They were to practice reading and to spell the words written on the paper strips.


We used our moveable alphabet to form the words and at the same time write the words on a paper. 

 DSC_2650 Oh how we love Montessori!


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FREE Valentines Day Unit

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Enjoy Valentines Day with the cutest printable ever! And yes, this file is FREE! Included are the following:
  • Counting cards
  • Number cards
  • Upper and lowercase letter matching.  I've got two choices for you here, the teddy or the balloon hearts :)
  • Then there's objects for Valentines Day: matching cards, read and spell cards, beginning sound
  • Heart Memory Game (not shown in the image)
  • Heart Color Sorting (not shown in the image)
Feel free to use them in you school or at home. But please, if you need to share it with others... kindly link them back to my blog or on this post or at The Pinay Homeschooler Shop and Downloads.

Our Printable Materials for February

Friday, January 24, 2014

Hello everyone! I would like to announce 3 new materials that we will be using for the month of February.  If you are interested, just click on the images for the link and detailed description of each file.

Parts of the Human Body (new!) in English, Spanish, French and Deutsch

- contains 16 parts of the human body in FOUR different languages! 




Basic Human Body Systems (new!)

- this file contains 6 basic systems:  circulatory, respiratory, skeletal, digestive,muscular and nervous system.

 The Body Systems copy

The Internal Organs of the Human Body  (new!)

- the file includes 9 internal organs of the body: brain, pancreas, heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, stomach, small and large intestines.

 The Internal Organs copy

The Skeletal System

- the file has 16 parts of the skeletal system.

The Skeleton Preview

Hope you get a copy! Thank you!

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

Intro to Number Bonds

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Here's another bead work we did the other day.  The aim of the activity is to identify the two beads that would form the number in the number cards (2 parts and a whole).

First we laid out the number cards from 1 to 10.

DSC_2620 - Copy

Then we placed the bead correspondence of each number cards.  After which, we started 2 and identify smaller numbers that would make 2.  It was difficult for Mavi at first to grasp the concept.  We went on slowly and I did most of the presentation. 

DSC_2627 - Copy

In between, I would take 1 part of the bond and ask him for the other part. Say for 5, I put number 3 (part) and asked him the other missing part that would complete the number 5.


As you can see he is using his fingers to calculate the missing part.


I also encouraged him to count the beads instead of using his fingers.


I love how this activity ended.  This will familiarize the child that bigger numbers can be formed by putting small numbers together (in different ways). This is also a good introduction to fractions, addition and subtraction.

We will be doing this again and again though as enjoys the mystery and the challenging of finding out the other part :)


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Starting Montessori Grammar

We're about to finish our Green Series in Language Arts soon and we will be moving to grammar after.  I like the Montessori Grammar Symbols and Reading Analysis materials, and knowing my son, he would love it too (he loves using symbols and objects).  So after much research here are my thoughts on the preparation of materials.

Language Arts Album.  I  will be using Montessori Research and Development Language Arts Vol 1.

Grammar Symbols.  I am still contemplating whether to purchase this or not.  I really wanted to make my own using foam crafts but I still have to check our local craft store if they have the available colors used in the grammar symbols.  Also, I have to look for the perfect storage to keep the symbols.  If these fails, I might need to purchase from here.  Purchasing will save me a lot of time, but it's a little bit pricey.

Grammar cards, sentences and materials.  Will be looking for this around the net, or if I will have the luxury of time will create our own materials to use.

As of the moment, these are the materials I need to prepare. I just need to write it down to get it off my mind. We won't be starting until March.  If I miss something, please do leave a comment.

FREE Chinese New Year Printable

Monday, January 20, 2014

Hello everyone! Please don't forget to avail my FREE Chinese New Year Horoscope printable :)  It contains all the 12 animals of the Chinese Horoscope. Just click on any of the picture below for the link. Hope you like it!



You can also visit my post on China here and here for other activities that you in celebration of the Chinese New Year.


And if you would like to get the entire unit (includes Zodiac, Horoscope and Chinese themed printables) , head on to this post to know more on the contents of my Chinese New Unit Pack.

For more FREEbies and learning aids, please check The Pinay Homeschooler Shop and Downloads.

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Montessori Teens and Tens

We've done a lot of Montessori-Inspired Math activities before and this is my first attempt to apply Montessori method in our lesson at home using KHT Montessori Math Album.

Last year, I purchased a few Montessori materials and one of which was the Decanomial beads which despite its price was worth it.


I started the lesson with the "teens" first. I am using my homemade large number cards.  I followed the procedure in the KHT Math album and after the presentation and 3 lesson period, I asked Mavi questions like"

  • 10 and 9 makes?
  • 10 and 2 is?
  • To make 18, you need?

Of course, he has to answer these questions.  If not, I would go back to the cards and beads, and show to him the answer and why.  I find this lesson very effective as it is a hands on activity and visual.  Children would immediately associate the number symbol to the quantity it represents.  This is also a good start of showing the difference between units of tens and ones.

The second time we did this, I asked Mavi to do all the presentation by himself of which he obliged happily.


Then we moved to the "tens" lesson. Same procedure of presentation and same flow of asking questions like "How many tens are there in 70?"  Again, this is a perfect way of associating number symbols to the quantity.


Then our little game began.  I formed 10 random numbers using the cards, and Mavi has to give me the correct quantity using the beads.  This was something that he really really like doing :)  We'll be having more exercises on this. 

 DSC_2585 DSC_2593

For advance exercise I plan to do the said activity on the other way around, that is present him the quantity using the beads and he has to give me the correct number using the cards.... hmmm that sounds challenging! We might try it later :)

And we also did a little "100 - 1000 Bead Chain" activity.  Will give you an update on this soon! As of now he just finishes up to 590, but I'm happy that he now gets the pattern of counting from 100-500.



Aside from counting we also practice writing the words of the number "tens" and associate number symbol to the words.DSC_2536

And that's all for our Math activity last week. Tune in for more updates this week!

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Chinese New Year Unit (with FREE Printables)

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Hello!  Chinese New Year is just around the corner! And for someone who celebrates Chinese New Year (most Asians) and observes some Chinese traditions and practices,  I prepared these materials to go along with the upcoming celebration.

What's included in the file?

Well first, there's the 12 animals of Chinese Horoscope and Zodiac.  Printables included are:

  • Silhouette matching
  • Reading and spelling cards
  • Control, picture and label cards,
  • Information Cards
  • Memory Game
  • Patterning

Horscope Preview

Zodiac Preview

And.. of course, there's the Chinese themed cards like:

  • Uppercase and lowercase letter matching
  • Number cards when using counters
  • And counting cards where you can use pegs, clips or counters to mark the objects


And you can get all of these for just about 2.50USD all 60 pages of activities! How cool is that?! For the link just click any of the pictures above.

Now for the FREEbie.... you can download these printables for the Horoscope theme for your personal use.  If you wish to share it with anyone, please link it up to my website, to my blog or on this post.

  • Reading and spelling cards
  • Control, picture and label cards
  • Patterning template and picture chips

Download the FREEbie HERE.

For more FREEbies and learning aids, please check The Pinay Homeschooler Shop and Downloads.

Thank you!!

Afterschool Activities for January

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

When it comes to planning for our home schooling, I make it a point that I don't put too much on the amount of activities we need to achieve in a week. 

So what I do is to allot one goal per subject in a month and if we finish early and still have some spare time, we would just revisit our past lessons or start the next month's lesson.

We only have a few more weeks left and I wish to finish these all up.


We are wrapping up our Blue Series review using moveable object and our tracing and spelling worksheets.



  • Montessori Tens and Teens

We will work on this for the entire month including word association and more.  Will talk about it on my next post. 

 DSC_2520 DSC_2524



We are currently doing an Arctic and Antarctic theme.



I have to admit I have no idea on what to do next on this subject.  Right now, we're just reading the Katie series book which my son and I love.  These are wonderful books for introducing artists and their works for little children.


Because I am still contemplating on what to do, I will be using these books for planning our monthly Artist Study.




We are using this book which I read at night.  Homeschool Creations has a fabulous printable packs that is in line with the book. I have to find time to download and print those!

My son attends a Catholic school so I'm happy that what we're teaching him at home is in line with the learnings he receives in school.


And these are the things we're doing as of the moment.  Will be sharing my plans (and online resources) for the month of February next week. Stay tuned!

Our Polar Expedition

Monday, January 13, 2014

For this month's themed activity, we'll be having the polar regions.  We've done a couple of these before, but my son wanted to revisit it as they are talking about penguins in school and he has been asking me about the North Pole for some time now.

For our past activities, please visit any of the links below. 

The Polar Lands

Antarctica Unit

Antarctica Unit: Math

Aside from the existing materials that we have, I added a few for this year:

Map of Antarctica and the Arctic. By showing Mavi the difference between the two he will have a better understanding of these places. At least now, he'll know where the North Pole is located (and where Santa lives!).

      DSC_2418 DSC_2478

Reindeer(Caribou) Nomenclature Card.  We worked on penguins before, so I decided to do something different this year.  You can get the nomenclature cards and booklet of the Reindeer here. The file also comes with a definition booklet.


For the miniature,we used the Caribou (Reindeer) in the Arctic Safari Toob.

        DSC_2380 DSC_2514

I love that mini figure is very detailed.  Here's Mavi identifying the tail!


Animals of the Arctic and Antarctica.  My animal collections all comes from Safari Toob(Arctic, Penguins and North America).

         DSC_2467   DSC_2469 

For Antarctica, talked about the 6 species of penguins that live there (not all species can be seen in Antarctica).  I made some cards and fact cards for each penguin.  We differentiated one from the other according to their physical appearance and sizes.


For the Arctic, we also identified the different animals that lives in that region and I made some fact cards to learn more about them. 


My Arctic and Antarctic Printable Pack also comes with fact cards for the Arctic and Antarctic animals.  To know more about please read my post about it here.


For letter sounds and spelling, we worked on these printables (all in my file).


Here, Mavi is identifying the beginning sounds of the animals using transparent counters.

           DSC_2492 DSC_2512

For the language lessons, we used these reading cards.


We used both the moveable alphabet and mini white board for spelling and writing practice.

      DSC_2452 DSC_2503




For more FREEbies and learning aids, please check The Pinay Homeschooler Shop and Downloads.

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