Animals and their Habitats (Part One)

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

 habitatAct copy

Objective:  To familiarize with the different biomes of the world and the animals that thrive in each habitat.    To learn the differences of each biome and be able identify their locations in the map.


Animal Habitat Cards by Pinay Homeschooler

 Habitat File

A wide variety of animal figures from Safarti Toobs and Schleich.



1.  Presentation of the habitat pictures, map and description of the habitat.  The pictures will give the child an idea how each habitat looks like, the map will give them a visual perspective of how "big" each of the biomes are and their locations.

DSC_0069 copy

I forgot to mention that my son has a fascination with maps. That's the reason why I included the maps in the file as well.  I think it helps him to visualize the planet and what it's made of.


2.  We took the animal cards and identify the animals of each biome. 

3.  Using the cards, we took out his animal figure collections and look for the match of the animals (if we have one). 

            DSC_0169  DSC_0197

Now this is my son's favourite activity, the matching and sorting. He loves doing this activity over and over again.

            DSC_0204  DSC_0287

But of course, if you don't have animal figures to go along with this, the 10 animal cards for habitat that goes with the file is more than enough.

            DSC_0290  DSC_0291 

And look who joined us in this activity!


Our next target his is to see how live in their respective environment, how they adapt and how they "coexist".

Till then!

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