The Beginnings

Monday, August 25, 2014

Hi everyone! As promised, I am sharing with you the early childhood activities I gave to Mavi when he was about 1+yrs old.  We started at 14 months and I was just giving him random activities I know of. It was then around 16 or 18 months that I learned about the importance of fine motor skills which they will eventually need in their preschool years and beyond.  So I made some research and started our journey in “home” schooling.

Reading Books

Now this is what we do since he was months old.  At first, we started with books for babies… simple stories, books with large pictures to capture his attention. 


Pre-writing Skills

Very basic activity but very important.  This will introduce them to writing, papers and pens.  I bought Crayolo jumbo for him for this.  Because I started Mavi early on writing, I never had problems with him when it comes to proper holding of a pencil/pen.

IMG_0886   IMG_0880 


Just an introductory to sorting and colors and at the same time a practice grasping.  We are using an ice tray and M&M’s blue and yellow chocolate :)

 IMG_0913 IMG_0914 


Who doesn’t like puzzles? Don’t expect your child will immediately figure out this one or fell in love with it.  Mavi doesn’t know how to do with it at first.  He just loves to hold the puzzle pieces and admiring the pictures. 

IMG_0979 IMG_1004

Hand and Eye Coordination

This is a simple activity of dropping the M&M’s on a hole (we’re using a milk container).  I love watching him concentrate!


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  1. These are great activities! I feel like we need to start incorporating a few of these into our routine, especially the sorting!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

  2. Wonderful to see how fast they grow and learn!