Letter L: Leaf Activities in Autumn

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

We are joining the bandwagon of autumn-themed activities and for Vito, we’re having leaf activities!

Leaf Color Matching

Got these beautiful craft leaves from a local store and used them for sorting colors.  I just dumped them in a container and would take one leaf at a time. I then mention the color and placed it to where it belongs.  Vito loves calling out their names!  I am not sure if he could recognize colors yet, it’s a hit or miss for him.  It’s a challenge to put up a color sorting activity for him so I put an extra effort on making it fun like making noises or funny sounds as I drop the leaf to the sorted group.

Letter L: Leaf Activities in Autumn

We also tried putting them in bowls. Again, this is another try to get him to be interested.  To put some twist, we tried to shoot the leaves into the bowls.


He loves to shoot them so he got hooked in the game!


Leaf Shapes

So I got a book My First Montessori book of Leaf Shapes from Amazon and used it to identify the shapes of the leaves we picked during our nature walk.  The book is actually for Mavi but Vito enjoyed viewing it as well.  Mavi and I talked about the organic shapes in the past few years, of how different they are from the geometric shapes that he knew.  The book is perfect for exploring other organic shapes if you are not really familiar with them.  This was inspired by Kylie’s post.

If you are looking for 3-Part Cards or Nomenclature Cards of leaf shapes you can get it from my shop, Montessori Inspired Leaf Shapes.  Check out how we used this material from this post, Our Leaf Shapes Study.

Leaf Shapes Study

This was Mavi’s idea of creating a gallery of leaves in the hallway.  Because it mostly raining in our area, this was a brilliant idea of preserving the leaves we collected and view them whenever we can.


I love seeing them working together.  This technique works best for us because Vito always wanted to do what his brother is doing, so I have to create activities that both them can enjoy.


Once they are dry, I put them on the wall for Vito to view and touch.


Counting Leaves

If Mavi loves letters at a young age, Vito is into numbers and counting.  He counts and counts all the time!  So this activity of counting leaves was a total hit! Not to mention the biting of the number foam.


Leaf Prints

Playdough activities are always a favourite in the house.  I encouraged him to press, and press harder so we can make prints.  So far, he’s just using his pointing finger even though I would demonstrate on how to use the palm.


And he loves to peel off the leaf from the dough, perfect pincer grasp activity!


Upon seeing the prints, he said “wow!”.  Glad that he’s able to appreciate the effect of his actions LOL.


Letter L Craft

This has got to be a weekly activity, of making simple letter craft that we can post on the wall for letter recognition.  We’re using uppercase letters as of the moment. I’m not putting so much effort on the alphabets as of the moment as he’s quite not interested yet.  Maybe in a few months, he’ll be able to pick up on letters as I will continuously expose him to them, especially introducing upper and lowercase letters.


Autumn Colors

Another shared activity for the two.  I traced Vito’s hand and asked Mavi to paint me a tree (with Vito’s hand as a trunk and fingers as branches) with autumn colors.


As I mentioned, Vito ALWAYS ALWAYS wanted to imitate his brother.


Mavi picked yellow, red and orange and used the dabbing technique as it makes it look more like leaves.  Please forgive the appearance of my not so beautiful toes and slippers LOL.


Letter L Object Basket

Objects in the basket: sandpaper letter homemade, letter L from Munchkins, leaves, lemon and lion

Letter L Object Basket

And this is what he does with the leaves!  So unfortunate the weather was pretty bad, we couldn’t do it outdoors with the real ones.  Crossing fingers for Mr Sun in the next few days before winter arrives.

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Letter L: Leaf Activities in Autumn


  1. This looks like a lot of fun! Thank you for joining the party at the Learn & Play Link Up. You are featured this week on the Christian Montessori Network blog!

  2. There are so many awesome leaf activities in this post! I really love the leaf stamping and fingerprint leaves on the tree. :)

  3. This was so fun! Your boys are so cute doing the activities. I especially love the leaf prints.

  4. You really have shown just how fun it is to learn about leaves. I love the photos and the activities!

  5. You really have shown just how fun it is to learn about leaves. I love the photos and the activities!