Understanding the Water Cycle

Friday, July 29, 2016

Last week I decided that Mavi and I should do a water cycle activity with Vito.  I prepared some materials and simple experiments to demonstrate this amazing science!
First thing, we have this beautiful book as a guide. Oh how we love the Down Comes the Rain Read and Find Out Series (Amazon US) (Book Depository)!  The water cycle here was discussed thoroughly and in a way that both of my boys enjoyed.
Here’s a peek of what’s inside the book
The first experiment is all about evaporation and demonstrating the difference between fresh and salt water.  Here I prepared two bowls, one for freshwater and the other for the saltwater.  The freshwater are those in the ponds, lakes and rivers while the saltwater are from the ocean and the sea.  DSC_5573
I made Vito mix the saltwater.  He enjoyed this!  Once our saltwater and freshwater were ready, we took the bowls outside to dry under the heat of the sun.
We checked on our bowls later in the afternoon and the boys were pretty much amazed to see that there’s no water left in our yellow bowl (freshwater) and look what happened to our saltwater!
“It’s salt Mom!”. I explained to Mavi that this is how they basically make salt.  The kids tried to touch (and taste.. yeah taste) of what remained in the saltwater bowl. 
The last experiment was to demonstrate the water cycle with ice and warm water.  Mavi remembered our past experiment activity, Water Cycle: All about Water, but forgot about the theory behind it so I tried explaining the process again. 
This is an on-point demonstration of the water cycle.  The child will immediately witness evaporation, condensation and precipitation.  Details of this experiment can be found here, Water Cycle: All about Water.
We also had exercises following this activity, but its for elementary.  You can get the water cycle  activity sheets from here, Water Cycle Learning Pack!  If you want to know more about the learning pack and want to see the activities that my son did with it you can visit this post, Activity Using Our Water Cycle Learning Pack.

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  1. That's a really fun way to teach the water cycle. I love the salt water experiment. I'm keeping all these ideas in mind for when my daughter is a bit older.