B4FIAR: Harold and the Purple Crayon

Friday, March 3, 2017

I love book extension activities.  This is one of the reasons why I enjoy doing Before Five In a Row with the boys.  So when I introduced the book Harold and the Purple Crayon, I knew that its a story that we can explore beyond than just reading.  The book itself is enjoyable to read, engaging and the boys found it funny.  Vito was glued to it for a long time.  At times, he would even “pretend” to read it by himself, mimicking how I read it to him at night. 

If you love this book, or if you plan to get one (highly recommended!) I listed below the areas of learning we touched by just  doing this simple easy to set-up activities:DSC_3807

Learning the color purple and the art of color mixing.  The book is all about the boy creating images using his purple crayon.  I showed Vito what a purple color is (he knows this already though)  and told him we can come up with this color by mixing red and blue.  So we did a lot of mixing activity, experimenting on different shades of the color purple.  He enjoyed this activity so much! He enjoyed watching the two colors mix and change into purple! 


Purple color grading tablets.  With the use of our Montessori Color Tablet 3, we looked at the difference between lighter and darker shades of purple.  I also showed him how to arrange the color tablets  from dark to light, but he was not that interested.  He just loves to identify the lighter purple or the darker shade of purple.

Drawing circles and lines.  I demonstrated how to make straight lines, curves, spirals and other basic shapes.   The objective here was to familiarise Vito of the basic elements of art and the terminologies used, wherein Harold can create so many objects using basic lines and shapes. 


This has been a productive, enjoyable and unplanned activity.  We were just reading the book and the next thing we knew, we were collecting purple objects around the house, doing color mixing and learning basic art elements!  We love spontaneous homeschooling!


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