BOOK REVIEW: Farmer Falgu Goes on a Trip

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

I was so excited to receive Farmer Falgu Goes on a Trip for the kids!  It’s our first time to own a multicultural fiction book and knowing my kids who are very interested about different cultures, they will surely enjoy this! Oh boy, and they did! Most especially my preschooler who was very attentive when I was reading this to him. 


Basically, the book tells about a man named Falgu from India and his mini adventures as a farmer.  This book tells the story of Farmer Falgu who is looking for a place to have some peace and quiet, far away from the noise of his farm.  So he travelled and along the way met some strangers that made sounds and noise which aren’t that bad as he thinks.

I enjoyed reading this book to the kids.  The way the story was written is so entertaining because the words in the story are in rhythm.  The book has beautiful illustrations and bold colors which easily caught the attention of the kids. We hummed and danced along the pages as we are drawn to the journey of Farmer Falgu and his passengers.  Engaging indeed!


This is our favourite part of the story.  The passengers and even Farmer Falgu were making sounds, combining each of their noises until they produced a beautiful music. 

As a Mom, I highly recommend this book.  Aside from its beautiful story and the moral lesson that it teaches, it also shows the child the world that this Indian farmer has which led to an opportunity to learn about different people and their culture.





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