Introducing the Solar System to Preschoolers

Thursday, April 13, 2017

In line with our Days of Creation activities, the boys and I talked about how the universe came to be.  Mavi used his Usborne Fact Cards once again to review some solar system concepts and this made Vito get into the mood of exploring the planets as well.  
Mavi laid out the planet cards on the table for Vito to explore. I took out our Safari Toob Planets so Vito can have something tangible that can go along with the cards.  Mavi named each planet to Vito as he matched the model figure to the card.  When Mavi was done with his presentation, Vito  copied his work but this time matching the figures all over again to the cards.

We love the cards!! They’re big and with beautiful pictures!
         DSC_8138 DSC_8141

I then remembered that I have felt planets which I made Mavi years ago!  I took them out for Vito to explore and he immediately matched them to the cards.  Seen here, he’s naming the planets again.
Vito’s final work!  The felt planets are so easy to make.  I have no templates or whatsoever.  I cut a bunch of circles of different sizes  (felt sheets) and hand sewn each of them.  I left a tiny hole on the side so I can add wool.
For the books we used, it’s My First Book of Discovery Atlas of Space and Planets (Ladybird book).   We read these books since last year so Vito is now familiar with the concept of space and planets.  We previously had a Space Unit last year, How to Introduce Space and Planets to Toddlers, which you might want to check for reference (play based). 
I also prepared this little solar system ordering activity.  I printed the planets, cut them using a precision knife and Vito will arrange them in our outer space (black cardstock with silver lining) .  You can also purchase a sticker version to save time.  More of this soon!

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